Qualifications and Qualities of a Good Scientist (cont.)

Why Medical Doctors and School Teachers are not Scientists …
Whom should we go to for advice

Scientists are conjecturers by nature. Like their hypotheses & theories, all scientists are inherently fallible. The testing and refuting of hypotheses and old theories are the paramount qualities of scientists and the scientific process. When a scientist’s ideas or theories, new and old, survive refutations and testing, they are shown to be more correct and therefore closer to reality &, approaching truth.

Science differs from pre-science in two fundamental ways. Both pass on their theories, but science passes on questioning and critical attitudes towards theories. Pre-scientific theories are passed on as dogmas, while science embraces the challenge of evaluating and and improving them.

Do medical doctors, bright 3-year-olds, dentists, Kindergarten teachers et al who know and occasionally practice the scientific method, also regularly participate in the testing and refuting of others’ hypotheses and existing theories?

Or are they more focused on promoting and following scientific or medical consensus ?

If you like these perspectives, check out some of Karl Popper’s perspectives on the difficulties of proving theories.

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2 Responses to Qualifications and Qualities of a Good Scientist (cont.)

  1. Cindy Morrissey says:

    Dr. Fry,
    A while ago, I read about a woman who couldn’t get her chemotherapy medications released by cusoms when it arrived by mail in Mexico from the US. It looks like I’m going to be facing the same issue soon. What do I need to do to receive and clear chemo drugs by mail from the US without it being held up in customs? If anyone will know, it’s you. Thanks so much,

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Cindy,
      Did you read our article on What Can I Bring into Mexico: Mexican Customs Rules – The Article
      Are any of your drugs (disallowed) narcotics or barbituates?
      Have you read the official list of (psychotropic) rugs that Aduana de Mexico restricts, that may include some of your cancer meds?


      What articles can a passenger introduce as part of his/her personal luggage?

      Each passenger (even if he/she is minor) can introduce articles that are mentioned next, new or used, like part of his personal luggage, without the payment of taxes:

      8. Devices that permit measurement of arterial pressure and glucose, as well as medications of personal use; in the case of psychotropics the medical prescription should be shown.

      Explanatory notes: Psychotropic substances are considered such as:
      Alobarbital aminofenazona

      Can you bring a physician’s prescription for each of your medicines, and also make and carry a copy of the Aduana webpage listing the requirements for your specific meds?
      Happy Trails,

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