Banking, Exchanging Currency, & Using Credit Cards & ATMs in Mexico –

Confused about the ins-and-outs of changing money in Mexico and the USA, how to get reliable exchange rates, plus some of the nitty gritty details on how the credit card, bank debit cards, currency exchange and ATM systems work? Rather than a dry discourse of skads of financial details and jargon that make our eyes glaze over, we’re going to try give you some tricks to make managing your travel dollars easily and well.

Some expat experts proclaim:
~~ Using a credit card will always give you the worst exchange rates anywhere in the world. ~~
~~ Credit cards always give the best exchange rates. ~~
~~ ATMs are the only way to go! ~~
~~ Try to get the official exchange rates! ~~
~~ None of us have enough money to ever get the published rate. ~~
~~ I have always used Traveler’s Checks. Aren’t they still the best choice? ~~

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Full article at: Banking, Exchanging Currency, & Using Credit Cards & ATMs in Mexico
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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
Steven M. Fry

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