Poe fans in Merida, Yucatan (?)

May 28 update: (see below)
3 guys were seen by the police taking stuff out of 64 year old Pennsylvania retiree Leo Robert Wicard’s home (per SIPSE ~  or  60 year old “Robert Leen Wicard” per Diario de Yucatan ~)  in San Sebastian, Merida, Yucatan at 4 en la madrugada. The guys explained that they were taking the stuff to be pawned…

The cops smelled something putrid and found the body   ~   rotting   ~ “semi-interned”  ~  in the house.

The men had lived with the decaying corpse for 2 weeks…

One American’s blog is reporting that one of the participants is a transvestite, a twist that even Poe had not imagined.

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Yet another reason to have good relations with the neighbors?
Por Esto reports that the murderers had the run of his house for 2 weeks, before someone finally called police.  ~ Wicard was not known(?) nor well-liked(?) by his neighbors. ~ ??

. . . Subsequent unverified “news reports” over the 2 days following initial reports, now include salacious details that claim that Wicard was a homosexual who supposedly had open door, open house, and open bottle policies for guests who stopped by his home. If the allegations are true, then this becomes a warning tale of the potential risks of inviting strangers into our homes.
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Full article at: Lo matan en su casa
Asesinos ocultan al extranjero en su propio jardín

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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
Steven M. Fry

Read on, MacDuff!

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3 Responses to Poe fans in Merida, Yucatan (?)

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  2. richmx2 says:

    I’d thought from hints in your initial post that perhaps the victim was either gay bashed or taken advantage of because his age and culture precluded any interaction with his neighbors… One should trust, or at least be known, to the neighbors.

    While the “cloistered” life of the victim… or, as we would say in the U.S., his “closeted” life was a factor, to try blaming the victim as the media, and apparently the authorities, are trying to do is rampant homophobia.

    • yucalandia says:

      Agreed, agreed, agreed.

      I am no fan of repeating salacious details, and don’t relish gossip. Opinions are another matter. In my opinion: There are various new details being reported by our local press and by selected expats on our local web forums, but for my tastes: they all have too much of a whiff of speculation by people who seem more interested in titillating the public or moralizing about alternate lifestyles.

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