El, La, “a”, “o” … Easy as Pie? or Fraught with Confusion for Gringos?

La,   El,   “a”   or   “o“…

Cruising the web this morning exposed yet another gringo saying:
“O” endings on words are masculine      😮 ”

This “gem” of wisdom came from a well experienced gringo who posts very regularly, claims over 20 years on & off in Mexico, and a guy who spins good “insider” yarns about hanging out with many of Merida’s elite, writing advice rich with personal ideas of Mexican/Yucatecan culture.

This little “gem” is particularly seductive, because it is so simple.
Easy to understand, easy to remember, and so easy to apply.

Have any readers considered that overly-simple gringo-Spanish rules might have caused your workers or store clerk to briefly look askance at you, and gotten you unexpected and sometimes frustrating results?
. . .

Unfortunately, expat assumptions that  “o”  endings means masculine & that  “a”  endings means feminine,  is a major cause of eye-rolling by knowledgeable Spanish speakers. Casual gringo usages of  “el”  and  “la”  also raise myriads of misunderstandings between good-intentioned gringos and their Spanish/Mexican listeners.

Briefly consider how “a” and “o” and “á” endings right can get gringos into no end of problems: . . .

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Full Article at: El, La, “a”, “o”: Easy as Pie? or Fraught with Confusion for Gringos?
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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
Steven M. Fry

Read-on MacDuff . . .

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2 Responses to El, La, “a”, “o” … Easy as Pie? or Fraught with Confusion for Gringos?

  1. Alinde says:

    Thanks again for another post I’ll print and study! I’ve already encountered a lot of the difficulties you mention, and my Spanish tutor and I have discussed some of these. You are so right!
    There are many exceptions to the so-called rules, that it does get frustrating indeed.

    • yucalandia says:

      Haaahahahahaaaaa !

      I’ve been having fun editing it – so feel free for you or your tutor to review the latest version – and add items or offer corrections.

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