Precedents for Aduana to Restrict Permanent Residents from Keeping TIP Cars

Our full article is at:Precedents for Aduana to Restrict Permanent Residents from Keeping TIP Cars

The issue of whether the newly minted Residente Permanente expats will be allowed to keep their foreign-plated cars, is quite a hot potato. …and still very much unresolved…

Consider this quote from Yolisto:
(Under current interpretations of the INM’s new rules), I would qualify for permanent resident status, which would be awesome. I am still unclear if I would be able to keep my U.S. plates under as a permanent resident. I keep reading conflicting information on the subject. My Toyota cannot be nationalized, so that would be a deal breaker.

Steve, can you help?

Our reply:
“Morning Beachbum,

Aduana regulations control our Temporary Import Permits (TIP) on foreign-plated cars and trucks. The current Aduana regulations are written using the old INM terminology and old category names, so no one knows how to apply the Aduana regs to the new INM categories. Aduana has issued no guidance and/or no opinions on how they will handle our TIPs, with all the INM changes.

I personally think that Temporary Residents will be allowed to keep their TIPs and Permanent Residents will have to surrender their TIPS, but ¡ Keep their cars ! – hopefully in some GRAND AMNESTY – as they did once in the past…. Still, opinions offered without explaining the justifications are generally worth squat.

Consider the four legal principles Aduana used in establishing TIP rules:
The Aduana regs allow the old No Inmigrantes (various FM3s) and the old Inmigrante Rentista (just one type of FM2s) – temporary residents – to keep their vehicles. . . .

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You can read the full article at:
Precedents for Aduana to Restrict Permanent Residents from Keeping TIP Cars
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Read on, MacDuff.

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