A piece that needs a lot of polish

October 7, 2013
Please allow me to preface these ramblings with a few observations:
~ If you don’t want to read anything about the latest rounds of silliness in Washington DC, then… read no further. ~

~ If you like looking at political processes through the lens of an independent, Centrist member-of-no-party, then keep reading. Ideologues of all stripes, especially those embracing the ends of the spectrum, should read with caution.

~ Finally, note that several other friends in the USA have noticed the same things, and ironically were writing much shorter pithy-er bits on the same topic at the same time. A short version offered by one friend: “The madness continues among the (politicians). … One poll shows 33% of respondents blaming the Democrats and 17% holding both parties responsible, thereby establishing that that 50% of the population is all get out stupid.” ??

Why are the leaders in Washington allowing a small group of ideologues to hold the greatest country in the world, hostage ?

What happened to “doing your job”? … They’ve had a full 365 days to pass a budget…
What happened to setting aside personal ideologies, to instead try to do what is best for the country?

Fremdscham and the Dunning Kruger Effect: (Why should we care?)
Read more here…

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Full Article can be read at: A piece that still needs a lot of polish

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7 Responses to A piece that needs a lot of polish

  1. J Baker Smith says:

    You just won my vote!


  2. Harvey Kempema says:

    That is what the Country gets for electing a Left wing, Socialist, Community organizer, and only a Liberal would blame the TEA PARTY… period !

    • yucalandia says:

      Too Funny !

      You have forgotten 7’th grade civics lessons: The House of Representatives decides how the Money is Spent. Republicans control the House…. You mistakenly try to lay the lack of spending cuts and the lack of a budget at the President’s door, while the Constitution clearly gives that power to the House of Representatives.

      Congress, specifically, the House Ways and Means Committee (controlled by the Republicans) holds the Constitutional power of allocating funds => which has escaped your “logic” . The US Constitution is clear on this issue, yet just as Tea Partiers ignore the Constitution when it comes to setting up representative voting districts (no vote rigging), the Tea Partiers have ignored their responsibility on the budgetary matters – refusing to pass the Sequester mandated budget cuts.

      Why blame any President for what is not his job?
      Why blame any President for what is the House of Representative Constitutional responsibility?


      • Harvey Kempema says:

        I think you don’t realize, THIS IS HOW THE GOVERMENT WORKS, and not the way you THINK it should. there is NO hope with the Blind leading the Blind in the WHITE HOUSE. Enough ! I have other goals in my life than to spend any more time on the Computer with Ignorant people..

  3. Harvey Kempema says:

    PS. Government is working like it should !

  4. Alinde says:

    (There’s one in every group, Sr. Fry.)

    I like your post, except “silliness” may be too kind an adjective.

    In case you would like to see this portrayed with humor, AND from a Mexican perspective, here’s a great editorial cartoon: http://yucatan.com.mx/editoriales/una-nacion-con-elefantiasis

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