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The Source of the previous month’s Bad Magna has been identified …

June 17, 2014 Fallas en las gasolineras Un defecto en las bombas causó la “gasolina sucia” El Diario de Yucatán The latest word from PROFECO… “… problemas en la calidad de la gasolina Magna,,, tuvieron un inusual trabajo para … Continue reading

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Free Registration of Children with Mexican Citizenship Rights

June 17, 2014 The Mexican government just amended Article 4 of its constitution eliminating fees to register a child born in Mexico.  The published changes now include giving the first copy of the birth certificate for free. The states will … Continue reading

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US Unemployment Continues to Methodically Drop by both U3 and U6 Measures

June 4, 2014 Conservatives,  Tea Partiers, and Talking Heads on some business channels still chatter over “high unemployment” and a “weak economy”,  but  U6 and U3 unemployment measures of the actual numbers show a  different picture   of~ definitive trends~ ?: … Continue reading

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Aduana Website for Checking Temporary Import Permit Status for Foreign Cars in Mexico

June 4, 2014 As regular guest author in the past here on Yucalandia, Lic. Spencer McMullen offers foreigners some of the best information and legal services to the expat community in Mexico. Today, Lic. McMullen describes a new Aduana website … Continue reading

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