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Mexican Advances in Engineering

May 23, 2014 What’s your favorite? 20 Mexican Engineering Inventions *     *     *     * Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan. © Steven M. Fry Read-on MacDuff . . .

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IRS Webinar on FBAR On-line e-Reporting of Foreign Financial Accounts

May 29, 2014 Questions about The IRS’s new online FBAR system? Check out: Internal Revenue Service Webinar on Reporting of Foreign Financial Accounts on the Electronic FBAR, Wednesday, June 4, 2014. For written information see: IRS Reminds Those with Foreign … Continue reading

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IRS – FATCA Reaches Out and Touches in Unexpected Ways

May 26, 2014 In an unexpected twist, many US citizens living abroad may be required to file W-9’s, even it they are FULLY EXEMPT from FATCA. US citizens living abroad with some foreign Bank accounts, some foreign brokerage accounts, and … Continue reading

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Ongoing Problems with PEMEX Gasoline

May 23, 2014 Has your Yucatecan car been running a little pooch-ey this past month? Magna gasoline has caused problems for many Merida cars this past month, as over 2,000 PROFECO complaints have been filed over Magna ruining fuel pumps … Continue reading

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10 Things Mexico Does Better

May 22, 2014 Fun stuff from around the web for those starved for news and features about Mexico: 10 things Mexico does better than anywhere else What’s your favorite? *     *     *     *     * … Continue reading

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New Tactics for Yucatan in the “Dengue Battle”

Updated May 21, 2014 The Diario de Yucatan chronicles the latest efforts by Yucatecan health authorities to combat Dengue:  Using Specialized Bacteria to Sterilize Mosquitoes. Nueva técnica para esterilizar al mosquito transmisor En junio se daría un paso clave para … Continue reading

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Backfire Effect

May 22, 2014 The world just keeps getting stranger: It turns out that educating US adults about factual errors in their beliefs does not work: “If someone held a contrary attitude, the correction not only didn’t work—it made the subject … Continue reading

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Important Update of News for Online Shoppers

May 21, 2014 Ebay (via NPR) just announced that our personal account information data has BEEN HACKED. Ebay is advising us to go change our Ebay passwords, immediately. ~ ~ Your password change “option” is the 3’rd item … Continue reading

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News for Immigrants – from other Immigrants

May 21, 2014 USA is a nation of immigrants. Immigrants (far from our sight) quietly: ~ pick our food, ~ sew our clothes, ~ cut our meat, ~clean our offices, ~ build our homes, and ~ defend our nation. Republican … Continue reading

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Wealth, Productivity, and Job Creation Myths and Facts

May 18, 2014 How do we restore the balance? Since the 1982 “Conservative Revolution”, politicians have climbed into bed with big business magnates, creating a government that serves the rich and powerful. The rich previously took 40% of the profits … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Weird Weather News Update

May 15, 2014           … Republican’s personal opinions and their religiously-held ideologies on weather realities, are now especially poignant, as NASA scientists announce that the WAIS, a big ice cube that can all-alone raise world-wide ocean … Continue reading

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Things that make Living in the Tropics …. special: Kitchen Wars

May 8, 2014 I keep chiding myself to keep a camera at hand, battery charged, … Why? How many times in your life have you gone to sit on the potty, to find a brilliant iridescent green iguana leaping (terrified) … Continue reading

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Update on US Customs Law on Permanently Importing Cars to Mexico

May 5, 2014 ~ Update on US CBP Car Export Requirements ~ In the arcane world of US government law and even more dense regulations, some laws and rules go un-noticed and un-enforced for years. There is a glaring example … Continue reading

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Information Update for Casas GEO, Actinver or Multiva Investors Who Lost or Will Lose Their Investment

May 3, 2014 Public Service Announcement From time to time, Yucalandia offers information we think may be useful to readers, especially when it comes from from very reliable sources. Long-term readers know a bit of the reputation and years of … Continue reading

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