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Information Update for Casas GEO, Actinver or Multiva Investors Who Lost or Will Lose Their Investment

May 3, 2014 Public Service Announcement From time to time, Yucalandia offers information we think may be useful to readers, especially when it comes from from very reliable sources. Long-term readers know a bit of the reputation and years of … Continue reading

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Immigration Information: Dia de Los Santos Innocente UPDATE

Diá Del Los Santos Innocentes, 28 de diciembre (4/25/2014 Update) In concordance with the May 2010 Ley de Migracion’s requirements to establish a “Points System” for qualifying foreigners who apply for residency in Mexico, inside sources say INM officials seem … Continue reading

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Barcelona ~ Familia Sagrada-1

Lunes Sagrada (4/21/2013) Holy Monday – one of the few work days in Mexico … but not in Spain. A highly observant reader noted that recent Yucalandia posts & articles appear to have slipped into some schmaltzy personal vacation foto … Continue reading

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Barcelona – Casa Battlo de Gaudi

End of a long day…           of climbing stairs  ….                 Watching the pretty girls ….               Noticing details invisible to the oblivious … Continue reading

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