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Immigration Information: Dia de Los Santos Innocente UPDATE

Diá Del Los Santos Innocentes, 28 de diciembre (4/25/2014 Update) In concordance with the May 2010 Ley de Migracion’s requirements to establish a “Points System” for qualifying foreigners who apply for residency in Mexico, inside sources say INM officials seem … Continue reading

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Barcelona ~ Familia Sagrada-1

Lunes Sagrada (4/21/2013) Holy Monday – one of the few work days in Mexico … but not in Spain. A highly observant reader noted that recent Yucalandia posts & articles appear to have slipped into some schmaltzy personal vacation foto … Continue reading

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Barcelona – Casa Battlo de Gaudi

End of a long day…           of climbing stairs  ….                 Watching the pretty girls ….               Noticing details invisible to the oblivious … Continue reading

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