Immigration Information: Dia de Los Santos Innocente UPDATE

Diá Del Los Santos Innocentes, 28 de diciembre (4/25/2014 Update)
In concordance with the May 2010 Ley de Migracion’s requirements to establish a “Points System” for qualifying foreigners who apply for residency in Mexico, inside sources say INM officials seem to finally be showing some movement on implementing the details of a new “Points System”.

After evaluating the performance of the last 18 months of the Nov. 9, 2012 “new” INM Law and Lineamiento system at INM offices and Consulates, INM in Distrito Federal may now be considering some new principles for approving Residency applications for foreigners who want to live in Mexico. Rumor has it that the proposed new Requisitos include the following options for INM and Consular officials to use when evaluating Residente Temporal and Residente Permanente applicants.

Here are some crude (Google) translations of the rumored hypothetical options for local INM and Consular clerks:
Sorry, we are denying your application because:
….. a. You have not learned even basic Spanish.

….. b. Mexico is a polite and civilized country: Your past behaviors have been found to be far too rude to qualify you as a resident of Mexico.

….. c. You are far too grumpy to be of benefit to the Mexican society and culture.

….. d. Your loud and pushy behaviors are not welcome in Mexico.

….. e. Your selfish self-centered attitudes have been found to be non-beneficial to Mexico.

….. f. Your repeated references to: “In America, we ….. “, make it clear that you do not sufficiently understand or appreciate Mexico, and are not suited to living in Mexico.

….. f. We have carefully studied your writings and verbal opinions expressed about Mexico, and at this time, we believe you would not be an asset to Mexico. ”

At this point, these are only rumors of how the new “Points System” will be implemented.

People who are truly interested in the details of these rumored UPDATES, must read:
“Dia de los Santos Inocentes” ~ Day of the Holy Innocents ~ Feasting and Ancient Traditions Around Spain”

As always, Yucalandia authors present material that is only for informational and entertainment purposes only. All important fiscal, financial, tax, immigration, Customs/Aduana matters should be discussed with an appropriate expert.

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8 Responses to Immigration Information: Dia de Los Santos Innocente UPDATE

  1. Maria says:

    Ha Ha! Love it!

  2. Algis says:

    I am in need of some assistance…
    I am a residential temporale and will qualify for Permanente status this Novembre..I have just been informed that I cannot be in CSL on the day in Novembre that my temporale expires…
    Must I apply in person, or by legal representation, either before the expiration date or some days after ?
    Please advise
    Thank you !

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Algis,
      You ask good questions. There is no single answer:
      Some regional INM offices still follow the old “Inmigrado” procedure requirement, that the person allow their temporary resident visa (RT) to expire, and then come in on the next business day.

      The other route, slowly but surely, many/most regional INM offices are requiring the applicant to come BEFORE the RT visa expires, but no more than 30 days before.

      Why the confusion? Why the variation in policies?

      The 400+ pages of 2010 INM Law, Sept. 2012 Reglas, and Nov. 2012 Lineamientos did NOT specify when to apply for RT – so each INM office director decided for themselves a policy that they liked…

      So: CONTACT YOUR INM office, and ask how they want it done.
      Explain your situation, and request that you be allowed to apply within 30 days before the expiration date.

      Also realize that if they are in the “old-school” camp of “let the RT expire – then apply for RP” – your local office manager can change their local policy – at a whim – at any time, changing to align their local policy with the general “up to 30 days before expiration” nationwide policy.

      This means you need a belt AND suspenders approach: Ask now what their policy is, and then ask again (in October) 30 days before your current RT expires. *grin*

      Answer to Your Last Question: You can have a legal representative start the application process at your local INM office, but they MUST turn in your current RT card when they file the application… and You MUST come in for: fingerprinting, and question-and-answer session, and to sign the official form to produce your new Residency card. Again, check with your local INM office to find out any local-policy quirks they have.

      When done, please come back and give the rest of us a quick report.

      **PS Have you read our actual Main Article on Visiting and Immigrating-to Mexico?

      • Algis says:

        Thank you for your quick and knowledgeable response.
        I am contacting my Abrogado
        And will advise you and readers when resolved…thanks again
        PS did you visit Cascrada Sagrada ?
        I only received a comment without any

  3. Alinde says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this post! I myself have not been back to the USA for years, but often think that were I to do so, I’d return disgusted–at the pushiness, rudeness and such.

    But I must admit, I’ve had a few hurdles to overcome myself here in Mexico. I keep working at it, because it makes life easier not to be upset.

    Thanks so much for the post–not only is there so much truth in it, but it’s humorous framework works so well. I’m sure I’ll re-read it many times.

  4. princesanancy2012 says:

    Thanks for providing my laugh for the day Steve. Always a pleasure.

  5. nokk says:

    Oh if it were only true, and to continue dreaming, if only it could be applied retroactively or at annual renewal time for those on temporary visas. In that case, I’d guess the ex-pat population would shrink significantly. Thanks Steve!

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