Chaac … Chaacob .. Maalobi ! … Let it Rain !

June 2, 2020

.. Chaac  … strikes the clouds with his lightning-ax !! …

= = = =
**The Chaacs … “Chaacob” … make it rain … and rain … and rain …

and … Yes … There were actually 4 different Chaacs … “Chaacob” !

~       ~       ~       ~       ~       ~       ~
~ Chac Xib Chaac … “Red Man Chaac”
~ The Rain God of the East ~

(because our red sun rises in the East.)

~ Sak Xib Chaac … “The White Chaac of the North”

~ Ex Xib Chaac … “The Black Chaac of the West”
(The West … where the dark storm clouds form)

and finally
~ Kan Xib Chaac … “The Yellow Chaac of the South”.

Collectively, these were called the Chaacob
or Chaacs …


Each of the four Chaacob had different roles:

Think about all the different story glyphs across the Mayab  (Maya lands)  describing how important Maya Kings held Fire Ceremonies:

One Chaac “takes the fire” …

A second Chaac “begins the fire“,

another “gives scope to the fire“,

and the final Chaac “puts out the fire”.

When the sacred fire was lit, Maya priests cast the hearts of sacrificial animals into the sacred fire …  and the four Chaac priests ultimately poured their jugs of water onto the sacred fire… to put out the flames.

Traditionally … this Chaac   “Fire Ceremony”   was performed twice each year
… Once in the dry season … Once in the wet season.

~       ~       ~       ~
Time for a Fire Ceremony !!

Buffalo Lodge ~ Sacred Grandfathers ~ Sacred Fire Ceremony ~

Walk humbly …

Do justice …

~ Love all others ~

Mach-piye oyuspye miyeyelo

He ce tuyelo !

~       ~       ~       ~
Read on MacDuff … 

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2 Responses to Chaac … Chaacob .. Maalobi ! … Let it Rain !

  1. Eric Chaffee says:

    Fun stuff. I hadn’t realized there were four Chaacs. But don’t forget the fifth, in parque de las Americas. (He apparently presides over weddings.)


  2. Emilie says:

    I didn’t know there were four Chaacs. Thank you!

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