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Flying During the COVID Crisis … Practical Ways to Minimize Risks

May 26, 2020 We’ve had 4 different people request advice on how to minimize COVID-19 risks when flying,    So, we did a bit of research about what scientific reports report on how to best reduce risks … including studies … Continue reading

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COVID-19 … The Hidden Risks … aka: Why We need Superb Medical-Grade Masks.

May 13, 2020 COVID-19 Public Health Notice: A few thoughts for all the people using ordinary cloth masks … and even N95 masks.** Remember … The bacteria & fungi have a big banquet, feasting on the dead skin, greasy gunky … Continue reading

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Latest COVID-19 Updates … Practical Solutions to Get our Lives Back on Track

May 10, 2020 One of the peculiar benefits of a crisis is that our very talented scientific community springs into action, doing fine research in very short times. This report includes the best of recent research, blended with the last … Continue reading

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Don’t Mark Your Calendars … Don’t Look to the Heavens …. You ~Won’t~ see a Truly Occult Event …

April 18, 2020 SATURDAY … in the park … MAY 16 … 2020 Mark your calendars for a really fun event … to  enjoy … as millions of people will be out looking into  sky..    trying to see … … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Risk Updates … and Solutions for Getting Back to Work

Here’s a fun graphic that shows just what scientists know…. versus so many people’s ~wonderfully creative~ imaginations: Notice how VERY DIFFERENT our typical immune system responses CHANGE with age. Notice  … whom we need to protect … and why. Science … Continue reading

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