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COVID-19 Causing Serious Strokes in Young People with NO Prior Stroke Risk

April 29, 2020 In advance of a New England Journal of Medicine publication … NPR is reporting …  ~ 7X higher rates of stroke for young people between ages 30 – 40 ~ . The doctors of NY CIty’s Cedars … Continue reading

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WHO Studies Show We get NO Significant Immunity to COVID-19

April 27, 2020 ” The UN World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that there is currently   no evidence    that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection. “ When getting an disease … Continue reading

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Map of COVID-19 Cases Around Merida

April 27, 2020 What do you think? To us,  it looks like a map of who is moving around … and who travels. Affluent people in North Merida … and Gringos in the Gulch (Santiago – Santana) … fit the … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Increased Rates of Death for At-Risk Individuals … (for Elderlies, Diabetics, et al)

April 26, 2020 Consider reality     versus    the claims of  so many non-scientific posters,   non-scientists     falsely insisting    … on FB, social media, and other platforms,  that  “… COVID-19   is   ~magically~  no worse than  Flu … “ Reality … Continue reading

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Merida: Some Periferico Exits Closed for COVID-19

Here’s a map of the entrances/exits on Periferico that are open (blue) … or closed (red)

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Just 1 (2 or 3) Person per Car in Yucatan** – and Other New COVID-19 Measures

April 23, 2020 Public Service Announcement: My Yucatecan wife explains that the local Yucatan news programs announced last night that: … For typical people, ONLY one person per car will be allowed to travel on Yucatan’s roads due to the … Continue reading

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CFE’s COVID19 Emergency Electricity Rate Changes

April 19, 2020 Per an April 17’th CFE & Federal Govt. of Mexico announcement: “Se estima necesario que durante el período que se mantenga vigente la declaratoria de emergencia sanitaria por causa de fuerza mayor genera por el virus SARS-CoV2 … Continue reading

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