COVID-19 Causing Serious Strokes in Young People with NO Prior Stroke Risk

April 29, 2020

In advance of a New England Journal of Medicine publication … NPR is reporting …  ~ 7X higher rates of stroke for young people between ages 30 – 40 ~ .

The doctors of NY CIty’s Cedars Sinai hospital are reporting that COVID-19 is causing young people to have serious strokes … even though none of the patients had any indicators of any prior stroke risks.

This is particularly troubling, because they found far too many young people (not just a trivial anectodal number of serious brain debilitated stroke victims) who are suffering 7X times more SERIOUS BRAIN DEBILITATING strokes … in HEALTHY young people who should not have any significant stroke risk at all.

They did not see it until now … because their findings are a look back at prior months of stroke cases in their hospital, happening since the onset of COVID-19 in NY City. … a look backwards at patients … which also reveals SERIOUS blood clots in the kidneys and lungs of young people.


(Note that the letter to the NEJM  was just a preliminary communication by the Cedars Sinai doctors.  Also note that the data we report above are more complete (per the authors)… and the information above is a part of an upcoming pending NE Journal of Medicine research article report.)

Because young people are now experiencing serious blood clots in major organs, the doctors believe that COVID-19 disease not only attacks nose, lung & throat lining cells … but that COVID-19 disease has ALSO been attacking the linings of our blood vessels … creating serious clots.

For further context:
Just last week,  a report in the British medical journal, the Lancet, also described how the cells lining our blood vessels are now being attacked by COVID-19 disease.

It is particularly troubling when we COMBINE these latest    very troubling facts    (facts that medical doctors are just now paying attention to )… with the further fact that very young people,  particularly teens are suffering from serious COVID-19 complications.

Apparently    teen vaping … teen huffing … and teen smoking are also causing serious COVID-19 health complications.

So… REMEMBER  that    COVID-19 is primarily transmitted by modes that
“Social Distancing”…   hand washing … and   “sanitizing everything”  have almost NO EFFECT on.

“Social Distancing” … hand washing … and   “sanitizing everything”    do not affect   the highest-risk, most-infectious, PRIMARY mode of catching COVID-19 …

The CDC has been quietly reporting to Doctors and hospital staff:

The highest-risk,  most-infectious way of catching COVID-19   is by breathing ~  inhaling invisible fine mists of highly-infectious fine aerosols from people talking indoors. “

After just one COVID-infected patient talks indoors for just 7 minutes,  they can emit – spew  over  167 COVID-coughs worth   of the nastiest, highest-risk, most-infectious invisible COVID-19 fine aerosols …  and that those fine aerosols persist, highly infectious,  indoors  … for the next 4 – 5 hours.

These nastiest invisible mists of COVID-19 aerosols then   swirl  and circulate out to 30 feet from where the infected person was talking… which means

Medical Doctors previous months of advice … don’t work.

“Social Distancing”  does nothing to protect us from the highest risks of catching COVID-19.

Hand Washing and “sanitize everything” … do nothing to protect us from the highest risks of catching COVID-19.

sneezed droplets

This means … no going out to ANY public indoor places
… for the next 6 months to a year…  (when-if we get a good vaccine) …. unless you wear a good medical-grade mask.

ONLY a GOOD  medical grade mask can protect you at the grocery store,   at the mini-mart or OXXO,   and even at work indoors…

Email us at steven.m.fry for details on how to get a good proven ultra-high efficiency medical-grade mask for between $4 ea  (large orders)  and $12 each (small orders).

medical workers in masks

and yes, these masks are comfortable,  made of soft surgical barrier cloth … and are gently hand-washable up to 70 times … for up to 7 months of light use.

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2 Responses to COVID-19 Causing Serious Strokes in Young People with NO Prior Stroke Risk

  1. sdibaja says:

    view and consider the science…

  2. Emilie says:

    A devious, ugly virus.

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