WHO Studies Show We get NO Significant Immunity to COVID-19

April 27, 2020

” The UN World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that there is currently   no evidence    that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection. “

When getting an disease .. leaves us with no real immunity … no effective antibodies … then it’s like cutting your finger…

Just because you cut your finger once, does not mean you will ~magically~ never cut your finger again.

Consider how Dengue Virus … keeps re-infecting the same people, over & over & over … for decades…

as the Dengue Virus symptoms get much worse with every new re-infection.

THAT’s TERRIFYING news to us scientists – because it means that there is no “herd immunity” being formed …

and it means that all the people who took risks… and got COVID-19 … can go out across the USA … and get COVID-19 … AGAIN…. and spread it to yet more people

for months … and months … and months… until there are COVID-19 vaccines.

as the US States send people back into the public indoor areas … without effective medical-grade masks.

GET A superb medical grade mask… to protect yourself over the coming 6 – 12 months of continuing COVID-19.


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7 Responses to WHO Studies Show We get NO Significant Immunity to COVID-19

  1. Emilie says:

    A number of people have now become sick a second time. This is a very unpredictable virus for sure.

  2. Deborah S says:

    We’re in Guadalajara. How do you suggest we obtain medical-grade masks when staff at IMSS don’t have them in sufficient numbers?

    • yucalandia says:

      Please … Send us an email… steven.m.fry@gmail.com

      to keep information & orders from being spread across 4 different platforms.

      Know that a superb, medical-grade mask, approved by 7 different Medical Doctors, and 6 fine scientists … is available by DHL shipping ( $32 USD shipping and handling)

      Our medical-grade mask is hand-washable up to 70 times …

      and yes… We have donated over 8.200 masks to Doctors, Nurses, and Nursing Home staff in Mexico and the USA.

      … while we have sold only 7,200 masks … and 40% of the profits have gone to donate YET MORE MASKS to Doctors & Nurses.

      If you BUY some superb medical grade masks … it has been our policy to throw in another 50 – 150 masks for donations to people who need them (especially Doctors, Nurses & Nursing HOme staff) …

      Do you want to buy masks? … would you pay the shipping to include -donation masks- in with your personal order?

      Will you be sure to donate these medical-grade surgical barrier cloth masks to Doctors & Nurses who need them?

      Note that
      We have actually outfitted ALL STAFF at 2 different IMSS hospitals here in Yucatan with masks we donated.

      So… AS REQUESTED ABOVE… please send an email to us at steven.m.fry@gmail.com to tell us what you need.
      Dr. Steve

  3. Miriam says:

    To clarify the WHO statement, they are not stating there is no immunity following infection. There is currently no evidence either way, for or against. We simply don’t know yet if a recently infected person can be reinfected, and, if so, how severe will the subsequent infection be. Based on other data from other types of coronavirus, it is likely to be less severe (unlike the dengue flavivirus), but there is simply no data at this point for this coronavirus. If COVID infection does confer immunity, again, there is no data regarding how long that immunity will last. This is a vitally important area for ongoing research.

    • yucalandia says:

      There is lots of evidence showing that … similar to Dengue .virus infections…. the human body produces antibodies (both IgG and IgM) to both Dengue and SARS-CoV-2 …

      THE REAL EVIDENCE for no significant immunity conferred by a COVID-19 infection: ?
      Remember all the people who have gotten confirmed cases of COVID-19 and recovered… and then later got a second confirmed COVID-19 infection.

      IF the first COVID-19 infection ACTUALLY conferred significant immunity, then there would be no second re-infections.

      JUST LIKE centuries of DENGUE virus …
      Dr. Steve

  4. Frances says:

    You can have intestinal flue more than once. Had it in Feb this year. Had it as a child too. Am 90 years now.

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