Map of COVID-19 Cases Around Merida

April 27, 2020

What do you think?

To us,  it looks like a map of who is moving around … and who travels.

COVID Map of Merida

Affluent people in North Merida … and Gringos in the Gulch (Santiago – Santana) … fit the pattern of people traveling being the highest level spreaders …

as they go around without good masks (preferring their stylish masks) … They catch Coronavirus, and then they go out into Oxxo’s, grocery stores, and other indoor places … TALK …

as their talking spews lots of invisible mists of the most-infectious , highest risk invisible fine aerosols that linger inside their stores, banks, and any indoor space that they talk in.

= = = =
The message from this data?

If you are going out… get a good medical-grade mask … that works.

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~ Read-On,  MacDuff ~

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6 Responses to Map of COVID-19 Cases Around Merida

  1. Is it possible that there is a higher concentration of people living in the north? That would also affect the number of people who been diagnosed.
    It also seems possible that the more affluent people, (as you labeled them) might be more likely to have the ability to get tested. Just saying.

    • yucalandia says:

      It’s actually the COMPLETE opposite in reality.

      There are far far more people in the South and West parts of Merida…… than in the affluent north.

      Notice that poor people have many more houses per block, than rich northern areas.

      Notice that poor people have many more people living in each house (on average)… than affluent people in the North…
      Happy Trails,

    • yucalandia says:

      Notice that it has almost NOTHING to do with “testing” here.

      Notice that good clinical diagnoses actually have a far superior … far lower False positive rates (Type 1 errors) … than the antibody tests…

      So… science and facts … overturn both of your interesting proposals.

  2. Emilie says:

    No cases yet in our small community in southern Arizona. Most of us are staying home and wearing a mask when out. Unfortunately, the ones who aren’t wearing masks are all people in law enforcement! This includes the border patrol. They are especially dangerous because they encounter a number of people and then they come to the grocery store in groups and bustle past people without any concern. Most of us are pretty furious at their behavior.

  3. Anto says:

    This article is so wrong, I live in centro and can guarantee that none of our “gringo”(?)
    friend is out with “fashion” masks, just with what is available. Some people but embroidered mask to help some families.
    There are “gringos” organizations going out to bring masks and food to the little pueblos. Why you do not mention that instead to trow accusations with no evidence! Shame on you.

    • yucalandia says:

      Total BS... by anonymous “Anto” **

      I have gone into Centro almost every day for the last 2 months doing mask work & Public Health work… and EVERY single time … I have seen gringos in fashion cloth masks … that leak a guaranteed 35% … and leak up to 75% of the nastiest, most-infectious, highest risk COVID infected fine aerosols.

      Most Recent Example:
      I was just at a gringo-lady’s house on C53 …on this Monday… a gringa who sews them professionally … who has been selling them like candy … to gringos…

      = = = =
      Me? and Mask Reality ? … verses Anto’s** false accusations:

      We have DONATED OVER 8,700 superb medical grade masks … to hospitals & nursing homes across Mexico & the USA…

      We have outfitted ALL personnel in 2 different hospitals.. with COMPLETELY FREE masks ~that work~…

      as 6 different doctors have said that our masks are EXACTLY the same professional teflon*coated … anti-fluid… surgical barrier cloth that their washable surgical gowns & special surgical-barrier-cloth scrubs are made out of.


      WE HAVE PERSONALLY HANDED OUT over 180 kilos of dry-rice… and over 180 kilso of sry-beans … as dispensas to 5 of Merida’s absolutely poorest people…

      PASSING OUT for free … over 2 TONS of cooked nutritious food.

      = = = =
      ** … “Anto” … of … living in Merida … in Zip Code 97300 …

      You might want to dial back your publicly written false accusations about us,

      … and instead… go find someone else to try to bully. 😉

      Dr. Steven Michael Fry
      Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Medical Laboratory – Measurement Science, Public Health & Environment ..

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