Still Afraid to Touch Things ? … Coronavirus ~ COVID-19 Realities

April 14, 2020

For people still afraid of    touching things
… Consider the 3 following realities of supposed touch-smear transmission … versus   talking     (vibrating vocal cords)   generated … highest-risk   respiratory fine aerosols.

… Were all the risks … all the millions of transmissions…. just like the choir … just like aircraft carrier … just like on all the cruise ships …. and just like the 17 yrs of SARS-CoV-1 research has shown… caused by   mainly generated by    ordinary talking ….   or were the millions of exploding transmissions   due to fearful people’s claims of    supposedly touching things …. ?

Notice that even the CDC has changed their tune…  finally reporting that the PRIMARY mode of spreading COVID-19 :
” (COVID-19)  spread is by primarily by asymptomatic infected people simply breathing,   and talking,  ”

Once the patient has been discharged or transferred, HCP, including environmental services personnel,     ~ should refrain from entering the vacated room ~   until sufficient time has elapsed for enough air changes to remove potentially infectious particles ~

(more information on clearance rates under differing ventilation conditions is available).

After this time has elapsed, the room should undergo appropriate cleaning and surface disinfection before it is returned to routine use.

= = = =
Remember,  just 5 minutes of loud talking => 104 coughs coughs worth of highly infectious fine aerosols… trapped inside – floating …. slowly circulating …. a swirling infectious invisible mist … for 4-5 hrs … persisting  ~after~ the talker left the room

Oh MY !
Then remember …. These fine aerosols are only STOPPED by wearing a superb mask.

= = = =
1’st Really Troubling Example:
At just one single, loud, choir practice   very-early in the COVID-19 outbreak:
~ 45 singers infected … out of 60 singers
… from just ONE COVID-19 infected asymptomatic spreader… at a church choir practice in Washington

… EVERYONE used hand “sanitizing” gel as they entered… no shared music … and there was ~NO TOUCHING~ allowed …

~ Note that hand sanitizer is not going to save you from the toxic talking-aerosol mists. ~

Just loud vibrating vocal cords from singing … making easily 80,000 of the most infectious fine aerosols … from just ONE asymptomatic spreader. … Toxic fine aerosols breathed in by all the young people in the choir…

… No coughing … No sneezing … NO TOUCHING…

4 dead now …

Why? … Because the fine aerosol toxic-talking    invisible mist … persists highly-infectious for 4-5 hours indoors … and gradually swirls out up to 30 ft indoors …

~ Note that    “Social Distancing”     cannot save you   from the toxic talking-aerosol mists. ~

= = = =
2’nd  Troubling  Example:
How can we ignore …  the YOUNG HEALTHY 550 US sailors on the USS Roosevelt aircraft carrier … all   …. now very sick    from COVID-19 coronavirus?

Do we really believe that   550 of our  young,   best,    robust,    highly-disciplined,    highly-monitored servicemen & women…   somehow   ignored  the rules on hand washing & hand sanitizing??

or … Were they breathing shared-air in below decks cabins & rooms … where just one asymptomatic spreader    ~innocently~  TALKING for just 7 minutes  … fills the room with over 10,000 highest-risk … highly-infectious fine aerosols … an invisible toxic mist that floats & swirls  … invisible & dangerous … for the next 4 – 5 hours …. trapped indoors.

USS Roosevelt Crew Stricken by Coronavirus

USS Roosevelt

= = = =
3’rd Troubling Example:
Remember all the Cruise Ship passengers … trapped in their closed cabins … breathing shared-air from the neighboring rooms, big common shared ventilation systems.

Notice that on pretty much every Cruise Ship with Coronavirus Outbreaks    … it only took  1  infected asymptomatic spreader … talking … infecting others through his invisible but highly infectious fine aerosols … lingering … and spreading … highly infectious fine aerosols persisting 4-5 hours in the air that the infected person ~innocently~  talked into.

Do we really believe that the 70% infection rates from COVID-19 Coronavirus on Cruise Ships    happened … because people somehow touched things, WHILE TRAPPED IN THEIR CABINS ?

Do we really believe that ship’s kitchen staff were so clumsy, touching things without washing hands …. licking their fingers … sneezing on the food & plates (not)   … magically caused the continuing devastating Coronavirus spread among the quarantined passengers … stuck in their cabins …

Do we believe the top Epidemiologists who say that    there has NOT BEEN EVEN ONE CASE   of someone catching COVID-19   from food prep,    nor from touching food containers ??

Not one proven case from food prep or touching food containers.

but   1
0,000’s of cases   proven transmissions   by  Respiratory Aerosols … from TALKING.

= = = =
Were all the risks … all the millions of transmissions…. as Coronavirus EXPLODES, despite CDC advice ….    Were the millions of transmissions from “touching things”   or  ….

Have they been  just like the choir … just like aircraft carrier & Cruise ships … and just like the 17 yrs of SARS-CoV-1 research has shown… The PRIMARY transmission (96%?) comes from fine aerosols mainly generated from talking…

… Just 5 minutes of loud talking => 104 coughs coughs worth of highly infectious fine aerosols…

Fortunately…. Almost ALL of these highly-infectious fine aerosols    from talking    can be STOPPED by wearing a superb mask.

Why not wear a home-made mask? … or Cheap mask? … or  3D Printer fake-N95 mask?
We breathe in as many as 4000 highly infectious fine aerosols   ~with every breath~ through a CHEAP MASK … or fake-N95 3D printer mask … or homemade mask ….   just from stepping inside a closed room, where just one infected asymptomatic spreader, talked for just 7 minutes… 3-4 hours ago.

Remember…. 10,000 highly infectious fine aerosols … from just 7 minutes of a loud talker…
lingering as an invisible mist … 4 – 5 hrs later…

 Putting it into different words…

Would you give   (donate)   to someone you love … a car with almost no brakes … ?

The   (home*made mask)   free car    goes fast     and looks really good

… but … with no brakes… it has really ugly consequences … when we need to stop.  ”

choir practice COVID-19

People in Mexico, Canada, USA    and anywhere DHL ships … can get  superb medical-grade masks …  re-washable up to 70 times … by sending me an email

Please describe where you are,  where you need the masks,  what sizes,  and how many you need-want.

We offer substantial volume discounts for 100-lots of masks. … especially if you agree to donate them to people in need,  medical personnel,  old folks homes,  and on   & on  & on.

The Good Doctor Fry

Dr. Steven Michael Fry
Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Public Health & Environment…

= = = =
Professional Experience:
Over 45 years of personal professional experience in improving & protecting the health of over 2 billion people worldwide … kicking tetraethyl lead out of gasoline … the first Western scientist invited into the former Soviet Union to help fix their massive health problems of just 52 yr life expectancies …. a participant (part) of managing over $400 million of Public Health cleanups of USA’s dirtiest DOD & DOE sites .. protecting & improving the health of over 150 million Americans down-wind & downstream…

Read on,    MacDuff ! … 


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5 Responses to Still Afraid to Touch Things ? … Coronavirus ~ COVID-19 Realities

  1. Wlat Fisher says:

    Several days ago Yucatan masks were mentioned. Please post or send the link for purchase.

    • yucalandia says:

      Contact me:
      In Merida…. Call and set an appointment time to come get fitted for a mask:
      999 908 41 49
      Calle 24 #203 D, x 27 y 29 Garcia Gineres.

      Go to the Clinica de Merida parking garage, turn right onto C29, go 4 blks to c24… Turn left , we are the second house on the left… Flor de mayo tree out front .. & a big hedge…Small quantities of Masks cost just $80 pesos each.
      9999 08 41 49

      Send me an email about other options across Canada & the USA.

      Look forward to hearing from you,
      Dr. Steven M. Fry
      Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Public Health & Environment

  2. yucalandia says:

    For people unfamiliar with us…
    A brief CV:
    ~ I was the very first Western scientist invited into the Former Soviet Union, to work on improving their horrendous 52 yr. life spans. … As a result of finishing a very successful 2 month program in Ukraine in 1992, I was invited by the Clinton Administration to do similar work in Belarus, Moldova, and Tadjikistan.

    ~ I was part of the unique team at University of Illinois that kicked Tetra-ethyl lead out of gasoline… improving the health of over 2 billion people world-wide, protecting you and literal billions of other people from lifelong lead poisoning.

    ~ I was the owner of USA’s top ranked, top performing Environmental Analytical laboratory (Paragon Analytics) … as a key participant in successful cleanups programs of over $400 million at every single large DOE & DOD site. … Literally, over 150 million Americans live better healthier lives, because of our key work on cleaning up the air & water down wind and down stream of every big contaminated US govt. site.

    ~ I was on the Chemistry Faculty of both Colorado State University and Alfred University, teaching chemistry & public health principles to over 2,300 students over 10 yrs.

    ~ I personally authored & developed 7 published analytical methods for the US EPA, improving water quality at all sites that do paper & pulp processing.

    ~ Most recently, I have lived & worked in Yucatan, Mexico … Doing Dengue Virus & Chikungunya virus work as a part of UADY’s Hideo Noguchi CIR … successfully completing $1.5 million of Dengue Virus control programs, in cooperation with the Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation, and the US National Institutes of Health.

    and … I recently spent 7 yrs as a Staff Editor for UADY’s Revista Biomedica, our medical & public health journal.

    Happy Trails,
    Dr. Steven M. Fry
    Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Public Health & Environment

  3. Emilie says:

    Masks are so important!

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