Talking Aerosols … Let’s Get the Maya Ladies Sewing Again !

April 18, 2020
I received a curious email late last night … from a person fussing that $50 DHL express shipping from Yucatan to the USA just seemed “too high” … unreasonable.

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Dear Friend …

Rather than worrying about $50 shipping seeming “too high” for 7 masks for me & my husband … Can you consider just one … of 7 paradigm shifts:

1. Consider the shipping to be both a useful step (like in a set of steps) … and it could be a bolt cutter that cuts~breaks the chain of COVID 19 infections … going beyond just protecting you.

Instead of just buying a few for your self… consider using that same $50 shipping cost to ship 50 … and ~give~ 40 to your local nursing home personnel … who likely do NOT have any decent masks … and certainly none of this medical grade mask’s high efficiency special surgical barrier cloth filters.

When we put a superior mask on a nursing home medical staff person, each mask can protect 12 – 20 elderlies from the nursing home staff person from bringing COVID 19 into the home, from the workers travels around town – back home … and then back in to work doing that most critical work of helping our precious elderlies.

Donating those 45 medical grade high-efficiency filtering special masks … to the key nursing home people …. can protect all several hundred residents of the home, by breaking just one link in the chain of COVID-19 transmission … by keeping both the nursing home workers safe, and the elderlies safe … 24 – 7 for 2 months.

and… you pay just $4 each for each of the 50 masks (just $200) … and reduce your shipping cost per mask to just

$1 a mask… 
In that case … you just protected 200 nursing home residents .. for just about $1.50 each. 

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2. A second paradigm shift:

That same $50 shipping can be both… a bolt cutter that cuts the chain of COVID 19 infections … and a lever ….

The same $50 shipping could also ship 200 masks … simultaneously lowering your shipping cost per mask down to just 50 cents…. and you pay just $4.50 total per mask (versus $16 each for buying just 7)

… to put superb masks on 4 different nursing home’s personnel …. and then, your $50 shipping .. levers you into protecting 800 elderlies in 4 nursing homes for just $1 dollar a resident …. for less than $1000 total.


3’rd Paradigm shift:

That $850 total spent for 200 superior masks … to protect 800 elderlies for 2 months …. is far less than the cost of treating one sick elderly … for one day of Covid-19


4’th Paradigm shift:

We define ourselves …. and we define our society by our actions ~ Especially how we act in a crisis ~ … We define our culture & society …. by how we treat others in a crisis.

Some people & some cultures get clannish and go into full-on bunker-mode… selfishly hoarding stuff … caring only for us & ours … effectively shunning “them”.

Some people get personally nasty … viciously snapping & sniping at other people … harshly judging… and snapping-at people they never even met.

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5’th Paradigm Shift

In times of crisis … some ~other~ people stretch grow and become so much more… (than the clannish hoarders – snapping at others).

Imagine 10’s millions of people across America …. stretching … to create the America we want …



and …. With that ….

We get to the heart of why I conceived this mask …designed this mask, got it produced by Maya women, who can now feed their extended families by sewing safely individually in their homes …. getting paid superbly as piecework… where each woman can literally make $1600 pesos a day sewing masks to protect 1,000 of needy pitiful Americans.

That’s why I worked over 540 hrs in just one month …. to create this opportunity for America & all of us …

to become who we really could be….

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6’th Paradigm Shift:
I also set this up …. “Talking Aerosols”  … with 40% of profits going to help the neediest people … putting masks on poor nurses … where again, a single well-placed mask, protects 10 – 20 people (back to breaking the chain of infection, to protect the nurses extended family sheltering back home) … and profits that are used to help & protect Yucatan’s poorest people & poorest elderlies.

=> Donating 100’s of Masks to the horribly under-supplied and under-funded Mexican govt’s public hospitals providing 100’s of masks for Mexican doctors & nurses so far to 4 hospitals who have none.


The 7’th Paradigm Shift…

We donate more masks than we sell …

… using the profits & donations from others … to masks on those who need them most…. changing the world for the people who have no voice … for the people who have no resources, let alone having no leverage …

Can you use your lever … of the $50 shipping…. to literally help 1,000’s … by protecting Mexican Doctors, Nurses & Mexico’s really desperate elderlies ?

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= = = =

In that reality

Our little group: called “Talking Aerosols” … a group of just 7 … me and 6 wonderful Maya ladies sewing …. We have currently donated over 6800 masks, while selling less than 6000.

… Do you now see why I worked so long & so hard (18 hr days for 30 days straight) …. to make this possible?

~ Email me at for details. ~

Peace & love,

Dr. Steve

~ Time for a new … Greatest Generation ~        … ?

.And YES …. Let’s get the Maya ladies sewing  machines  … hummming … again … !
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Read on, MacDuff …

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3 Responses to Talking Aerosols … Let’s Get the Maya Ladies Sewing Again !

  1. Walt Fisher says:

    How can I buy masks to ship to Zihuatanejo?

  2. GOD bless to you and all families involved in helping others.

    Ed and April Bell
    El Paso, Tx

    John 3:16 the offer still stands!

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