Just 1 (2 or 3) Person per Car in Yucatan** – and Other New COVID-19 Measures

April 23, 2020

Public Service Announcement:

My Yucatecan wife explains that the local Yucatan news programs announced last night that: … For typical people, ONLY one person per car will be allowed to travel on Yucatan’s roads due to the COVID-19 problems …

and … All people in cars must wear face masks …

pink car

The news described exemptions for Uber drivers + 1 passenger … and for “essential personnel” … and for a driver taking someone to the hospital, doctor, or medical treatment.

Uber driver +plus passenger = allowed

Taxi driver +plus passenger = allowed

Professional DRIVER with Chauffer’s License +plus passenger = allowed.

ALL OF THE ABOVE… +plus patient-passenger +Plus one companion … = allowed…

and … Ordinary driver  … +plus patient-passenger … headed to some medical activity = allowed.

Then note… ALL must have on masks, when in the car … and ALL passengers must ride in the BACK-seat…

= = = =
Plus …

More details from the Yucatan Governors speech last night:
~ In the case of taking a person to the doctor, that sick passenger must sit in the back seat.
~ No others allowed in the car but the driver & person going for medical concerns.
~ Uber type drivers are allowed only one passenger but MAY take two passengers … if one is going for medical care.
~ Wearing Masks in vehicles is mandatory.
There can be fines & jail time for non-compliance.
~ People without masks may not enter essential businesses. (this has already been happening the past 2 days in Merida).
~ If businesses are caught with people inside with no masks, they may be fined and closed.

~ The government will be adding more police retenes (check-points) throughout the state … to check on compliance with the new sanctions.

All of the various new limitations (including the # of people in the car)  STARTS FRIDAY (tomorrow) April 24, 2020 …


Read on, MacDuff …

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7 Responses to Just 1 (2 or 3) Person per Car in Yucatan** – and Other New COVID-19 Measures

  1. Deborah S says:

    Lagging behind Jalisco. Very similar restrictions were imposed Monday, April 20. And travelers showing symptoms have been turned back on roads leading into the state.

    • yucalandia says:

      Fortunately … tiered anti-Coronavirus efforts …. work best when they are professionally timed

      … based on how many deaths & how many infections are found in a particular area.

      Yucatan is one of the 3 – POOREST STATES in Mexico

      … and because we in Yucatan, are not affluent,…. not like Jalisco & other state’s wealthy residents who travel a lot, bringing back nasty SARS infections from abroad …

      … Yucatecans … simply do not travel much…

      So … Yucatan … due to factual realities …
      does not have the higher rates levels of Coronavirus infections… and we do not have the sadly-higher numbers of deaths that more-affluent … more frequent travelers… like Jalisco residents … have suffered with.

      Stay safe … get & wear superb masks.

      and yes… we offer superior medical-grade masks… ultra high filtering efficiencies using special high-tech, teflon-treated … anti-fluid … surgical barrier cloth filter masks … hand-Washable up to 70 times …

      specially modified to seal even the deepest intra-orbital furrows … on even the biggest nose-cheek combinations. 😉

      Just ask for … ” a large mask, with Deep Darts” …

      and yes… washable surgical barrier cloth is proven to remove-block all viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi … at 99.97% efficiencies.

      Send us an email, if you are interested. steven.m.fry@gmail.com

  2. Patricia Johnston Smith says:

    What is your source for “wearing masks in vehicles is mandatory?”

    • yucalandia says:

      Our sources are … the 5 different groups of official police at 5 different retenes, over the past 2 weeks.

      When the Federal Police stop us at an official reten .. and ORDER us to put on our masks.

      … When the City of Merida Municipal Police, stop us at a reten, and ORDER us to put on our masks.

      … When 3 different retenes manned by our fine State of Yucatan Police officers, stop us at a reten, and ORDER us to put on our masks.

      then … Does anyone really believe … that they are just making it all up ??

      As we have been working 20 hr days … fighting Coronavirus here in Mexico, the USA & Canada … (540 hours over the past 30 days) … … If you (Patricia J.S.) want a reference … chapter, article # , & verse..

      it would be a plan… to go read our Yucatan State Governor’s Force Majeure … emergency COVID Crisis orders…

      & read the Yucatan State Legislatures Force Majeure … emergency COVID Crisis orders

      and the Yucatan State SSP’s Force Majeure … emergency COVIND Crisis orders …

      Then come back and tell us what good things you found.

      We will GLADLY post your fine findings!!
      Dr. Steve

      • Patricia Johnston Smith says:

        I’m sorry, you sound upset? What did I miss?

      • yucalandia says:

        Hi Patricia,
        I’m not upset.

        I understand that you have repeated this question, at least twice …. here … and in 2 different FB groups…

        and I think I have answered it 3 times … yet … you seem to keep repeating it .. as if you doubt … or challenge …the answer …

        By repeating the … already answered … question … it seems to cause confusion … & cause unnecessary doubt in reader’s minds.

        Our goal is … to get readers … good quality information … that they can trust (every time) … so they can be happier, more content, less anxious, => healthier … by staying informed.

        We seriously do welcome you searching the State’s published records. .. to find the specific legal citation … and We will gladly publish it.
        Dr. Fry

  3. Melissa Dee says:

    Hello! Is this still the case? To wear masks in private vehicles (eg rental car)? Thanks!

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