Fighting Coronavirus ~ COVID-19 Protection by Staying Well Hydrated… Our First Line of Defense

April 10, 2020

After 3 months of giving completely wrong, hazardous, too-often-fatal advice … the CDC has finally changed it’s tune…

“…  coronaviruses spread is thought to occur mostly from
person-to-person via respiratory droplets  ”

Click to access caring-for-patients-H.pdf

Aerosol scientists, 17 yrs of SARS-CoV-1 and the last 2 months of SARS-CoV-2 scientific testing, and top Virologists have all been saying the the PRIMARY risk from catching Coronavirus (COVID-19) is from breathing in fine aerosols from coughs, sneezes, & talking … These fine respiratory aerosol droplets ( ≤ 1 um diameters) from … infected Asymptomatic Spreaders talking without a mask … float around inside rooms … as a swirling invisible mist … with over 90% infectious potency after 3 hours …

These fine aerosols, primarily produced by talking … are the particulate-aerosols-droplets MOST easily breathed deep into our throats & lungs … going right through homemade masks & leaky flat masks …. (that leak 4000 aerosol particulates out of 10,000 total from someone talking in a room in the room during the past 4 hrs without a mask) … prove the risks of inhaling fine droplets ≤ 1 um in size.

Side Note:
A good mask filter material only leaks 3 out of 10,000 of these most risky fine aerosol respiratory droplets that the CDC warns about  … while an N95 mask leaks 500 of them.

~ Stay well, stay informed, stay safe. ~

So … What is an ordinary person to do … besides getting a fine high-function mask?

Seriously …   Think of an old-time castle …  and the layered Castle-defenses.

1. The moat (a good mask) blocks general entry … makes it difficult for invaders to get at the 2’n & 3’rd lines of defenses.

2.  A GOOD STOUT WALL … aka  the mucous layer in your nose throat and lungs …  Keep it healthy, robust and strong… because that mucosal coating traps the virus particles, and temporarily blocks the Coronavirus from getting to target – mucosal lining cells underneath the mucous layer. **

3.  Have a robust set of peak levels of Immune System compounds, waiting in the mucosal layer (protected by Vitamin C) …   Superb levels of:  Antibodies & Lymphokines and Immune System defense cells: Macrophages,   Killer-T Cells (T-Lymphocytes),    Dendritic Cells,    White Blood Cells (Basophils & Eosinophiles)   …. the key defensive components of our immune system, that attack and destroy the Coronaviruses  … ready to RUMBLE, and take out the inhaled respiratory aerosol Coronaviruses …

**4.  Have your nose, throat, & lung’s mucous layer system running at peak efficiency!

That means having ….  ~ Thin watery mucous ~ …. coating your lungs, throat & nose … as your SECOND line of defense (behind your mask)

How do we get   “thin watery mucous” ?
… Drink enough fluids until your pee is clear or only light straw color, to keep your mucous thin & runny …

Why do we want   “thin watery mucous” ?
Because there are 10’s of millions of the cilia in your mucosal layer (10’s of millions little sweeper cells)   ALL beating in unison … waving, whipping…. to sweep the virus particles out of your  throat & lungs … to go past your epiglottis… and fall into your stomach to die immediately in the acidic low pH 2, due to stomach acids.. 😉

So,  “thin watery mucous”   allows the little sweeper-cilia cells to sweep the Coronavirus fine particulate aerosols… down into our stomach … to be destroyed by our stomach acid.


Since the PRIMARY mode of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission is inhaling respiratory aerosols …   Keep drinking,  till your pee is clear… or only light-straw yellow color … to keep those sweepers, sweepin’…

and keep those immune system components … on deck … ready to rumble… when the virus hits.

~ Stay well, stay informed, stay safe. ~

The Good Doctor Fry
Steven Michael Fry

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Measurement Science, Public Health & Environment

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7 Responses to Fighting Coronavirus ~ COVID-19 Protection by Staying Well Hydrated… Our First Line of Defense

  1. Diana says:

    Hi Steven, we have been out riding our bikes on the dykes near our home. They are not crowded with people and those that are there are very good at social distancing. I have heard that the distance of 2 meters should be increased when riding because the droplets spread further. These are leisurely rides so no heavy breathing. I would appreciate your thoughts.
    Thank you

    • yucalandia says:

      How does Social Distancing help …

      when the most risky, most inhaled … most contagious aerosols (from talking) travel 20 ft to 30 feet??

      Are you standing 20 ft apart … during conversations … and when encountering others?

      That seems strange…

      Better to wear a mask that works. 😉

      Together… We are better,
      The Good Doctor Fry

      ~ Stay well, stay informed, stay safe. ~

    • yucalandia says:

      How is 6 ft of “Social Distancing” going to protect you from the highest-risk, 10,000’s of fine aerosols from people talking … the finest tiniest aerosols from talking, that we breathe deep into our lungs … especially when those fine aerosols drift 30 ft from the talker?

      Are you standing 30 ft away from people you are talking with?

      That seems peculiar… It seems better to just wear a superb mask, with materials that block all but 3 aerosols out of 10,000 … (like ours) …. while N95 masks leak 500 aerosols out of 10,000.

      Do people really “Socially Distance” the 20 – 30 ft away … to not contact that other person’s highest risk, most contagious fine aerosols from talking? … aerosols equal to 25 cough when they talk for 5 mintues?

      Together… We are better,
      The Good Doctor Fry

      ~ Stay well, stay informed, stay safe. ~

  2. Patricia Hazlewood says:

    We take 500 mg of vit C daily for a boost. Water soluble so need to take daily.
    15 mg of Zinc
    D3 up to 50,000 meq/ month or at least 1,000-2,000 units / day and sit in sun 30 minutes a day
    Braggs Vinegar about 1 teaspoon in a little water so you CAN handle the horrible taste.
    Then drink 1 glass of very warm water. Night time is best.
    You can do this in the morning too. Also, helps to loose fat from the body.
    I am an R.N. licensed in Texas, living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for about 20 years.

    • yucalandia says:

      Because it is water soluble, if you take it at 8 am… you pee most of it out by noon … and all is eliminated typically by 2:00 pm … so

      with your plan, you are unprotected from about 2 pm to 8 am – without protection for 18 hrs a day.

      Instead … spread the Vitamin C out over 4 – 6 hr spans … taking it as at least 3 doses … and 4 smaller doses is even better.

      I had literal 1,000’s of students peeing in cups… in my Univ. Chem labs … and they pretty much universally had no vit C left after 2 pm, after taking mega-doses at 8 am breakfast time.

      Together… We are better,
      The Good Doctor Fry

      ~ Stay well, stay informed, stay safe. ~

    • yucalandia says:

      Do you split the 500 mg dose of Vit C into 3 or 4 smaller doses … to spread it throughout the day?

      If not, we urinate out all of the AM – breakfast dose by 12: noon or 2:00 … giving your body no coverage for the other 16 – 18 hrs a day.
      Dr. Fry

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