Improved Coronavirus ~ COVID-19 Protection by Consuming Vitamin C

April 10, 2020

Eating Enough Vitamin C to Keep Your Immune System at Peak Efficiency
During times of stress … and during Coronavirus spreading .. We need a daily consumption of 500 mg – 1000 mg. total of vitamin C … split into at least four (4) … 125 mg doses …. each about 4 hours apart.   Taking a single Vitamin C supplement pill in the morning just doesn’t work, because we pee out ~eliminate through urination~… the Vitamin C about 4 hrs after eating it.

500 mg – 1,000 Vit. C a day is necessary during stressful times to protect your already stress compromised immune system,  specifically higher levels of Vit. C throughout the day … to protect our highly-important immune compounds ~ responses that fight Coronaviruses …

By taking enough Vit. C,  the Vitamin C acts a “body-guard” molecules throughout your body to protect critical … Antibodies & Lymphokines and Immune System defense cells: Macrophages,   Killer-T Cells (T-Lymphocytes),    Dendritic Cells,    White Blood Cells (Basophils & Eosinophiles)   …. the key defensive components of our immune system, that attack and destroy the Coronaviruses  … But note…. These immune system components need protection, by their own body-guards, so they don’t get ruined before they can do their job.


Sadly, all of these critical immune system components are all damaged or ruined by the consequences of viral attacks on our nasal, throat, & lung lining (mucosal lining) cells. When the virus causes the death of our mucosal layer cells … the dying cells lyse (apoptosis) and split open, releasing lots of nasty free-radicals, nitric oxide & harmful oxidants…   chemicals that damage or wreck our immune system’s Antibodies & Lymphokines and Immune System defense cells.

To protect these most important immune system components, they need a powerful-but-proven-safe anti-oxidant “body-guard” molecule, like Vitamin C. … Vitamin C reacts within nano-seconds to neutralize the free radicals, oxidants & nitric oxide & cell death products => protecting our critical Immune System components, allowing them to do their jobs of killing viruses & bacterial invaders.

Why eat Vitamin C?
Only 2 kinds of creatures on earth need to eat dietary Vitamin C … Primates ( including Humans) … & Red Vented Bul-bul birds (and other birds). …  Why? … All other animals evolved to make it themselves,   but because we primates have evolved over millions of years, with lots of fresh fruits & veg in our diet, we don’t make it ourselves… and we must EAT Vit C every day …. Pigs make their own Vitamin C, Goats, Cats, Dogs make their Vitamin C…. but we have to eat FOODS CONTAINING Vitamin C, about 4 times a day.

Red Vented Bulbul bird

~ Stay well, stay informed, stay safe. ~

Four (4) doses of Vitamin C @ 125 mg per dose, requires the following amount of foods, 4 times a day.

Servings (as cups) every 4 hours of Vitamin C …  Vit C Content …. mg / serving
10 cups – Apple (manzana) = 12 mg. (1 cup raw)
12 cups – Avocado (aguacate)=10 mg (1 cup raw).
1½ cup -Brocoli = 81 mg (1 cup raw)
1¼ cup – Cabbage (repollo) = 93 mg. (1 cup raw)
2 cup- Cantaloupe (Melon Chino) = 57 mg (1 cup serving)
2/3 cup- Chaya 180 mg (1 cup serving)
… a super-food with 7 g protein, 300 mg Ca, 10 mg iron,1357 units Vitamin A, (1 cup raw)
2½ cup – Grape fruit (toronja)= 50 mg (whole)
1/3 cup of Guava (guayaba)= 373 mg (1 cup raw)
1½ cup – Kiwi = 93 mg (1 cup raw)
3 -Lemon = 44 mg (whole)
4 – Lime (Limon)= 30 mg (whole)
2 cup – Mango = 60 mg (1 cup raw)
2 – Orange (Naranja) = 58 mg (whole)
1 cup – Orange Juice (Jugo de Naranja) = 125 mg (1 cup)
2/3 cup- Pepper (pimiento rojo)= 190 mg (1 cup raw)
1¼ cup – Pepper -Green Chile (spicy) (ChileVerde) = 109 mg (1 cup raw)
1¼ cup – Papaya = 100 mg (1 cup raw)
1½ – cup – Pineapple (Piña) = 78 mg (1 cup raw)
2 cup – Potato (Papas) (Microwaved) = 72 mg
1¼ cup – Strawberry (fresa) = 100 mg. (1 cup raw)

Again, these portions are eaten about 4 times a day, to maintain good Vit C levels to fight the Coronavirus.

NOTE: Boiling any of these reduces Vitamin C by at least 50% … Microwaving preserves most Vit C.

Citris fruit chart

Click to access (37).pdf

Click to access PA00K93C.pdf

~ Stay well, stay informed, stay safe. ~

The Good Doctor Fry
Steven Michael Fry

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Measurement Science, Public Health & Environment

Read on, MacDuff …

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6 Responses to Improved Coronavirus ~ COVID-19 Protection by Consuming Vitamin C

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  2. Denise Robles says:

    Tried googling Dr. Fry – no results. I know he is not an M.D. That certainly doesn’t disqualify him as an expert but I would certainly try to use some of this info as supplemental at best to information from more reputable sites with recognized experts.

    • yucalandia says:

      Sr. Google is not your friend…

      Just read the latest reports. I describe my background very clearly in the latest report:

      Fortunately, I am NOT a medical doctor.

      Medical doctors do not have training nor experience in these things. … As a professional Measurement Scientist, I did 3 yrs of Aerosol Science work back in the 1980, producing and wrangling exactly the fine aerosols from talking, that are causing the COVID-19 spread.

      Re Vitamin C work:
      I was on the Chemistry faculty at both Alfred University & Colorado State University … and taught Vitamin C chemistry to over 2,300 students… and yes… These things on Vitamin C have all been widely known and documented since at least 1980.

      Read my basic professional experience at the end of our latest report.

      Happy Trails,
      Dr. Steven M. Fry
      Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Public Health & Environment

    • yucalandia says:

      Hey Denise,
      Should I be offended?

      I just noticed your comment that we at Yucalandia are neither reputable… nor recognized experts.

      Do you really mean that?

      Read my informal CV …

      ~ I was the very first Western scientist invited into the Former Soviet Union, to work on improving their horrendous 52 yr. life spans. … As a result of finishing a very successful 2 month program in Ukraine in 1992, I was invited by the Clinton Administration to do similar work in Belarus, Moldova, and Tadjikistan.

      ~ I was part of the unique team at University of Illinois that kicked Tetra-ethyl lead out of gasoline… improving the health of over 2 billion people world-wide, protecting you and literal billions of other people from lifelong lead poisoning.

      ~ I was the owner of USA’s top ranked, top performing Environmental Analytical laboratory (Paragon Analytics) … as a key participant in successful cleanups programs of over $400 million at every single large DOE & DOD site. … Literally, over 150 million Americans live better healthier lives, because of our key work on cleaning up the air & water down wind and down stream of every big contaminated US govt. site.

      ~ I was on the Chemistry Faculty of both Colorado State University and Alfred University, teaching chemistry & public health principles to over 2,300 students over 10 yrs.

      ~ I personally authored & developed 7 published analytical methods for the US EPA, improving water quality at all sites that do paper & pulp processing.

      ~ Most recently, I have lived & worked in Yucatan, Mexico … Doing Dengue Virus & Chikungunya virus work as a part of UADY’s Hideo Noguchi CIR … successfully completing $1.5 million of Dengue Virus control programs, in cooperation with the Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation, and the US National Institutes of Health.

      and … I recently spent 7 yrs as a Staff Editor for UADY’s Revista Biomedica, our medical & public health journal.

      =- = = =
      So… Mr. Google does not know much about the people who get the work done. 😉

      If I google Denise Robles… what should I find …?
      = = = =

      Seriously, read our block of 4 most recent articles on COVID-19 … and Coronavirus… and get a sense of who we are… as the CDC & WHO gave 3 months of exactly the wrong advice, as the politically-involved CDC ignored top Aerosol Scientists, ignored top Virologists & Epidemiologists.

      Notice that the CDC is finally agreeing (in their websites)… that fine aerosols from talking… are the problem.

      Have a dandy evening,
      Dr. Steven M. Fry

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