What’s it all about … Alfie ?

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April 5, 2021

Tick – tock … Tick – tock … Tick – tock …

or … ~ Swirling flow ~ … ??

A good friend shared this … which I am stealing … and adding my own Coda, at the end.

May be an image of text that says 'a better world is possible we're so fucked me'

= = = = = = = = = = =

A friend posted this morning:
… I suppose the Taoist approach here would be to try to understand one’s place in the betterness/fuckedness order of things, to appreciate the delicate balance amidst — perhaps even the flow between — these forces.

In the context of) … Today Peru will find out whether it is fucked or whether…an even more fucked country is possible.

Guy Howard 6/8/21

= = = = = = = = = = =
Tick tock … Tick tock … Tick tock

or ~ Swirling flow ~ … ??

Our minds love to arbitrarily force things to conform to simple pairs of Good-Bad, On-Off, Right-Left, Light-Dark, Fat-Thin, Awake-Asleep, Smart-Dumb, Tall-Short etc … while even the simplest reality check reveals that the smartest people do such dumb things, and the dumbest people can be so incredibly bright …

which leaves me amazed & stilled at how we move through space & time … endlessly elliptically spiraling forward.

Spinning on our Earth’s axis … Revolving around our sun …. Propelled forward as our solar system moves forward perpendicularly to our whirling solar systems planets movements … Swirling yet-further outward as a tiny part of an arm in our pin-wheel Milky Way galaxy … which it also screams-along through space …

7 billion or so humans, all blissfully unaware of our very real

~ constantly spinning at 11,000 miles per hour

~ constantly revolving at 67,000 mph around the sun

~ constantly hurtling forward at 514,000 mph as our solar system barrels-along in the Milky Way …

~ constantly screaming-along at 1.3 million miles per hour on the crazy carousel we call our Milky Way galaxy …

as I sit … “motionless” … on my couch.

Ever Sanguine,
Still Steve

and yes …. Even our grand Milky Way galaxy is just a tiny speck … on a beautiful Laniakea super cluster …

out of a million or so other super clusters …

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6 Responses to What’s it all about … Alfie ?

  1. Nyquil415 says:

    You’ve gotta be stoned on something

    • yucalandia says:

      Nope … no more so than Walt Whitman … nor Robert Frost.

      It’s just stream-of-consciousness musings. 😉

      Yes, I’m sure that druggies & anti-druggies will project their own spins, that it must somehow be drug related.

      Happy Trails,

  2. Larry Summers says:

    Do you really think filthy language is appropriate here??

  3. kwallekno@aol.com says:

    I like the speed limits. I always use those numbers to explain why backward time travel is not possible but heading our fellows off at the pass is . You just need a really fast spaceship.   

  4. Emilie says:

    Amazing to think about—all that movement. It’s difficult to wrap my head around.

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