June 20, 2021 Troubling COVID Updates for Yucatan State and How to Stay Safe

June 20, 2021

We’ve currently hit the worst COVID outbreak COVID numbers for COVID, with 3051 new confirmed COVID cases here last week, and over 2,000 Yucatecans hospitalized as of yesterday (Saturday).*

Because even the best vaccines provide only partial protection from COVID**, the best protection is still keeping 8 ft or more of Social Distancing, plus wear a good tight-fitting medical grade mask when around others, especially when indoors where COVID infected people’s invisible aerosols from talking … keep floating around infectious for 4 – 6 hours after the person talks without a tight-fitting medical grade mask.

Note that two different statistics show that because Yucatan has such low rates of COVID testing, there are likely 10 un-reported COVID cases, for every official “confirmed” reported case. That means this past week, there were likely over 30,000 people walking around, infectious, contagious with COVID – potentially infecting another 30,000 Yucatecans by talking inside without a tight-fitting mdeical grade mask.

That translates to 1 in every 66 Yucatecans you meet, potentially are contagious, infectious, able to infect anyone within 8 ft indoors, who is not wearing a tight-fitting medical grade mask – and unfortunately, months of very large million patient studies show your vaccine may not protect you.

**To stay safe, we must realize that the manufacturer’s January studies prove that the Oxford-AstraZenica vaccine gives just 56% protection … up to a 44% failure rate … when the patient gets both vaccine shots within 30 days. That same manufacturer’s report published in the Lancet in February, 2021, shows that each patient must wait at least 84 days between the first dose and second injection to get just 76% efficacy protection. …

In contrast, even the vaunted Pfizer vaccine showed up to a 12% failure rate at protecting people from just incidental contact with COVID infected people – as proven by the world’s biggest COVID study of 1.2 million Israelis, published by the highly respected New England Journal of Medicine. ( https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2101765 )

The Oxford-AstraZenica manufacturer even announced in the Lancet (Feb 2021) that AstraZenica vaccinated patients getting the jabs just 30 days apart had a 50:50 chance of getting COVID from incidental contact …. And even if you wait 84 days between vaccine jabs, the patients still have a 1 in 4 chance of getting COVID from just incidental contact with COVID infected people talking indoors. ( https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)00432-3/fulltext )

Delta Variant of COVID Coming to Mexico:
Note that the most recent studies show that even the vaunted Pfizer vaccine is just 76% effective against the Delta variant of COVID.

The best studies show that the Delta variant is 60% more transmissable than the other COVID variants circulating in Mexico, as proven by the Delta variant becoming the dominant strain, now causing more than 90% of the new COVID cases in Great Britain’s latest outbreak.


Fortunately, despite some local Facebook gringo-forum posts …
THERE ARE STILL NO CONFIRMED DELTA VARIANT CASES, yet, in Mexico: https://www.gisaid.org/hcov19-variants/

It is also worth noting that the Delta variant of COVID has distinctive symptoms of
runny noses … sore throats … and headaches as the primary symptoms – which makes it very different from the other common COVID variants.

As of today, there are NOT any reports from Merida’s Medical doctors of this past week’s COVID patients coming in with runny noses, sore throats & headaches as their major symptoms, so just as we expect, poor Yucatecans who do not travel internationally are NOT spreading the Delta virus like the 10% of US COVID cases from USA people have contact with international travellers.

Why are so many Yucatecans getting COVID now?
Most likely, COVID fatigue … with people gathering indoors without maintaining 8 ft of Social Distancing … is aggravating the other problem of so many Yucatecans wearing cloth masks that leak 70% & do not protect us from COVID. … Plus, a number of COVID-vaccinated Yucatecans now feel bullet-proof, when even the best vaccines have significant gaps in protection … giving much lower protection than social distancing +plus a tight fitting medical-grade mask.

As local cases of new COVID infections have more than tripled, it’s important to realize why COVID vaccies have significant gaps in their protection … as low as 50% protection for Oxford-AstraZenica … and as low as no protection for some 22% of elderly people just 6 months after their 2’nd Pfizer dose … (for vaccinated patients over age 80)

… To know why we older folks need to keep wearing tight-fitting masks & socially distancing when indoors with other people, even after getting vaccinated.

In spite of vaccinations, COVID Hospitalizations are also way up as of this Saturday, increasing from under 600 for several weeks ago … now rocketing up from 1500 two weeks ago, to over 2000 as of this past Saturday.

Estimates of Under-Reporting of COVID cases in Yucatan State:
**Yucatan’s ongoing 10% death rates from COVID are roughly 10X higher than other countries,. This strongly indicates that Yucatan’s COVID testing rates are so unusually low, (just 1 COVID test run on roughly every COVID infected people) that there are most-likely at least 10X more COVID cases than reported by the Government. Further evidence that just 1 COVID infected Yucatecan out of 10 total infected Yucatecans is: Yucatan State just reported 63% of people tested here this past week had COVID, versus the rest of the world’s typical 5% positive testing rates … This means our current 3,055 official cases translates to likely over 30,000 COVID infected Yucatecans this past week => The highest rates ever seen here.

The rest of the story?
With 27% of COVID infected patients living with awful long-term health problems … and with significant numbers of vaccinated patients getting COVID infections (up to 12%) from just incidental contacts, we must continue wear tight-fitting medical grade masks & socially distancing. 😉

Consider the consequences of rolling the dice on 1 in 8 odds of getting COVID after both Pfizer vaccination jabs … and 1 in 3 JnJ vaccinated people still get COVID from incidental contacts … and up to 1 in 2 Oxford-AstraZenica vaccinated patients are at risk of getting COVID if they did not wait 84 days between injections ….

~ Over 1 in 4 COVID sufferors get nasty long term illnesses & permanent damage, including

… Brain damage, nervous system damage, lung damage, kidney damage, liver damage, and cardiovascular damage.

~ Up to 22% of COVID infected Pfizer vaccinated people get “Serious COVID Disease” … from incidental exposure to COVID.

~ Up to 44% of Pfizer vaccinated people with “Serious COVID Disease” are hospitalized.
AND THEN:~ 6 months after Pfizer vaccinations, 23% – 1 in 4 elderly vaccinated patients HAVE NO MEMORY T-Cells against COVID… and NO KILLER-T Cells against COVID…

This means roughly 1 in 4 elderly people vaccinated with Pfizer … show antibodies to COVID … but have almost no immune system protection against actual COVID infections just 6 months after their 2’nd Pfizer doses.

All these significant gaps & serious risks get even worse for JnJ vaccine, and even worse for Oxford-AstraZenica vaccine => Vaccination is NOT a magic bullet.

Vaccination is very helpful, but it is not the final answer if you care about your health … especially if you are over age 60.

~ Stay well, stay informed, stay safe. ~

The Good Doctor Fry
Steven Michael Fry

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Measurement Science, Public Health & Environment

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6 Responses to June 20, 2021 Troubling COVID Updates for Yucatan State and How to Stay Safe

  1. Some of us in coastal villages received the Sinovac vaccine. We act as if we haven’t been vaccinated. Finding information on whether it is safe to be revaccinated with a different vaccine is almost impossible to find.

    • yucalandia says:

      Both best evidence (which is limited) and vaccine theory says it’s fine to get vaccinated with a different vaccine, especially if one of your vaccines was an adenovirus-based vaccine (like Sinovac) with broad protection… paired with an m-RNA vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna) that offers just targeted protection.
      Dr. Steven M. Fry

      For these reasons, I personally chose to get full vaccination by both Sinovac & Moderna.

  2. WESLEY JOBE says:

    Any statistics on the Communist Chinese and Communist Russian vaccines commonly used in Mexico and several other countries?

    • yucalandia says:

      Sinovac has shown between 78% efficacy (much better than JnJ or AstraZenica) and a superb 92%, … depending on the country.

      There was one TINY study from Brazil with just 85 Sinovac vaccinated patients with COVID that showed 50% efficacy, but 85 patients is to TINY that the results & the study were not valid.

      There is NO such thing as a “Communist Russian” vaccine … because Russia has not been Communist since 1991 …

      The Gameyala Institute’s Sputnik V vaccine has shown 92% efficacy.

      … Wesley … PS … The Cold War ended… 30 yrs ago.

  3. peranema says:

    I’m very unhappy with people who don’t wear masks at all, people who cover the mouth but don’t cover the nose and people who only pop the mask over their face as another person approaches (they’ve been breathing moisture droplets into the surrounding air). How do we educate these people?

    • yucalandia says:

      Fortunately, 40 yrs of Aerosol Science & Virus transmission reports prove that they really cannot infect you, unless you are within 8 feet of the … in quiet air … basically indoors – and THEY MUST BE TALKING OR SINGING to make the invisible infectious fine aerosols.

      If they are not talking… nor singing, nor vocalizing … then they are NOT putting you at any risks.

      Plus, if you are wearing your TIGHT-FITTING Medical grade mask (NO GAPS around cheeks or nose) – then you only inhale 3% of the infectious aerosols …

      Plus, if you are wearing a cloth mask … know that it is nearly useless, because your cloth mask leaks between 40% to 70% … even when fit fairly well.

      Plus, 35 yrs of aerosol science proves that:
      Being out of doors, esp. having a breeze, or having a fan blow on your face, dilutes out their infectious fine aerosol droplets to levels that are safe for basically all humans with a working immune system.

      So … 8 ft of distance … air movement … fresh air to dilute out their aerosols from TALKING or singing … and YOU WEARING YOUR good tight*sealing medical grade mask

      combine to give you a solid 99.9% protection … while the Pfizer vaccine basically leaks up to 12% – allowing up to 12% of Pfizer vaccinated people to get COVID anyway from just incidental contact …

      so … Social Distancing + excellent mask wearing by you, gives you 120X better protection than a Pfizer vaccine.

      This means you have the power and control to protect yourself. 😉
      Dr. Steven M, Fry

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