Annual Filing Requirments for Continuing US Social Security Benefits when Living Abroad

August 19, 2022:
Generally, the US Social Security system requires all people living abroad*, receiving Social Security benefits, to file a form SSA7162 every year, but those policies have been offficially suspended this past 2 years due to COVID issues with overseas mailing. It’s a simple form that certifies our current address, and certifies that the SS benefits recipient is still alive.

*Who is required to file?
All people receiving Social Security benefits, who have foreign addresses registered with the SSA. It does not matter if your check is deposited in the USA or to a foreign bank account, because it’s all about the mailing address you have on file with the SSA.

*2022 Updates:
The SSA typically mails the forms out in May each year, with a 60 day due date for returning the form after the day your receive it … Yet the program was suspended due to COVID mailing problems, and this year, the notices were not sent out until June 2022, A follow up notice is sent in October and December if the completed questionnaire has not been received.

* * * * * * *
For USA-nians on Social Security living abroad. who have not received their notice in the mail, just download the SSA’s pdf form for SSA7162,

print a copy, complete the form, and mail it back to the USA using registered Mexican mail, to:

Social Security Administration
P.O. Box 7162
Wikes Barre PA 18767-7162

SSA Official Due Dates for Filing in 2022:
Per the SSA: “The Social Security Administration will resume mailing the forms SSA-7161 and SSA-7162 in late June 2022.” and

~ We personally received our SSA 2022 notices with our form SSA-7162’s on July 17, 2022 here in Merida, Yucatan … and DESPITE WHAT SOME INTERNET POSTERS SAY, the form clear says:

Then, complete your report and return it to the Social Security Administration, P.O. Box 7162, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, 18767-7162, U.S.A. in the enclosed envelope within 60 days from the day you receive it.

Why explain all of this?
There are a number of official sounding reports & posts on expat social-media forums claiming that we must file the forms every May, or supposedly risk losing our benefits.

Fortunately, the SSA’s official announcements clearly explain the actual US Govt. policies.

Happy Trails

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3 Responses to Annual Filing Requirments for Continuing US Social Security Benefits when Living Abroad

  1. sdibaja says:

    I believe this only applies to those that have SS deposit funds to a non USA bank, or mailed to a non USA address.

    • yucalandia says:

      As the article specifies, it is only needed if your official address on file with SSA is abroad.

      People living abroad using USA addresses & USA bank accounts, are not recognized as needing to file.

      Obviously if they have their check is deposited abroad, the SSA has required people to register a foreign address.

  2. Jerry Moomaw says:

    Each year some beneficiaries are required to complete the Form SSA-7161 or SSA-7162 beneficiaries are required to complete the Form SSA-7161 or SSA-7162—From the US Embassy form.
    I’ve been doing this online for a few years now, as mail doesn’t come to Tixkokob. Thanks for the heads up though, as always.

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