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COVID Updates on Vaccination, Boosting, Long COVID for Even Mild Cases, and Best COVID Treatments

July 29, 2022 COVID Updates:It has been a very busy past 3 days in COVID scientific news reporting, with no less than 5 critical updates. Summary: ~ As many as 1 in 5 Americans are now experiencing long COVID, as … Continue reading

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COVID Cases Spiking: Vaccines & Boosters ~ Prior COVID Infections Give Almost NO Protection from Hospitalization from the USA’s New COVID BA.5 Variant

July 17, 2022 COVID Update for Yucatan, Mexico:The latest COVID wave may have peaked in Yucatan. After 12 prior consecutive weeks of significantly increasing Omicron 2.12.1 COVID cases, last week’s PCR confirmed COVID cases across Yucatan finally stabilized at 4160 … Continue reading

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