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Annual Filing Requirments for Continuing US Social Security Benefits when Living Abroad

August 19, 2022:Generally, the US Social Security system requires all people living abroad*, receiving Social Security benefits, to file a form SSA–7162 every year, but those policies have been offficially suspended this past 2 years due to COVID issues with … Continue reading

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Yucatan Police Cracking Down on Expired License Plates

August 16, 2022:If your Yucatan license plate has a green stripe and a pyramid at the top, it’s high-time to get new plates. If your plate looks like the plate above, the Yucatan police have already “temporarily arrested” (temporarily detained … Continue reading

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Yucatan’s COVID Cases Returning to pre-Omicron Levels … Fourth Wave is Over

August 15, 2022 COVID Update:We are now back to just under 500 new COVID cases in Yucatan State.This likely means it’s safe to get back to ordinary life when out of doors, yet wearing masks when indoors with strangers. * … Continue reading

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