2 New COVID Subvariants Spreading in the USA and the Best Ways to Avoid COVID Infections

Nov. 27, 2022 UPDATE
The CDC announced this weekend that COVID is surging in the USA, with the relatively new OMICRON BQ.1 and OMICRON BQ.1.1 subvariants causing 57% of new COVID cases nationwide. This is really significant (as described below), because NONE of the COVID vaccines are working to stop the spread of BQ.1 nor BQ1.1. … These 2 new Omicron subvariants have exploded onto the scene this past month because they are 4X times to 7X time more transmissable than the previous Omicron COVID variants, which were 2X to 4X times more transmissable than the previous Delta COVID.

So … All the past talk of COVID mutating to supposedly less harmful & supposedly less virulent strains turns out to just be HOT AIR … as the latest OMICRON BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 variants have enough new virulent mutations that even the most recent “new” vaccines do NOT WORK … not reducing transmission rates … so the vacciones ARE NOT reducing serious COVID disease … ARE NOT reducing hospitaliztions … nor reducing deaths.

Nov. 4 Latest COVID News:
The new Omicron BQ.1 & Omicron BQ.1.1 subvarients are “poised to become dominant” this winter.

CDC has been tracking the spread of 12 different new COVID subvariants viruses these past 2 months, and they announced this morning that two (2) of them are starting small outbreaks around the USA the last two weeks, as we begin to spend more time inside due to cooler temperatures.

Because these 2 new COVID subvariants “appear to be 2X times to 7X times more immune evasive than the BA.5 subvariant“, “it’s likely that people who have been vacinated or had a prior COVID infection will still get infected by these 2 new subvariants“.**

Vaccine Effects:
Doctors hope that the latest ‘Bivalent’ COVID vaccine booster will help give some protection against COVID hospitalizations & death, but there is no evidence of this for Omichron BQ.1 and BQ.1.1.

**As such, the 2 best proven ways to not get the 2 new COVID subvariants is to wear a tight fitting N95 grade or better mask, or maintain 8 ft of Social Distancing when in indoor spaces.

These 2 new COVID subvariants are primarily transmitted by people talking, emitting 1000’s of invisible fine aerosols that continue to float around infectious in indoor spaces for 4 – 6 hours after the infected person was talking, unless there is a lot of air turnover to dilute the invisible aerosols to safe levels.


The wrong mask to wear ** … Use only N95 or better masks.

Ongoing Scientific Factual Conclusions:
Except for protection by wearing tight-fitting masks & Socially Distancing, unfortunately Omicron COVID is rewriting most of what non-scientist Medical Doctors have been telling people the past 2 years. Example: Many so-called ‘experts’ previously told us that COVID would supposedly mutate to milder & milder, supposedly less contagious strains. This has proven to be absolutely false … again.

‘Expert’ Medical Doctors (who are not scientists) also mistakenly told us that having a prior infection would protect us, which has proven to be absolutely false, especially with the most recent Omicron BA.2, BA.2.12.1, BA.5 and now BQ2.1 & BQ2.1.1.

**Remember that ‘expert’ Medical Doctors on TV (who are not scientists) told us to “Wash your hands & use hand sanitizer“, actions which provide and provided absolutely no protection from COVID, because COVID is only transmitted by inhaling invisible fine aerosols from people talking or singing.

Remember how ‘expert’ Medical Doctors on TV (who are not scientists) mistakenly told us to “Wear your cloth masks.” for 2 full years from July 2020 – July 2022, even though the last 40 yrs of scientific testing shows that cloth masks leak horribly, providing almost no protection from inhaled viruses.

The ‘expert’ non-scientist Medical Doctors unfortunately ignored that it is proven that it takes at least 12 layers of cloth to equal just one layer of N95 material … And yes, Medical Doctors ignored all these known proven facts on these things, even though they were published in the first month of COVID back in March, 2020:


Remember how ‘expert’ Medical Doctors (who are not scientists) told us to “Disinfect EVERYTHING” back in 2020 … which provides absolutely no protection from COVID, because the only way to stop COVID transmissions is to inhale no COVID aerosols, or to inhale only very small amounts COVID’s highly-infectious invisible fine aerosols.

Because COVID’s invisible fine aerosols persist indoors by floating around infectious for 4 to 6 HOURS AFTER a COVID infected person talks, sings, or wheezes, then either fine high quality tight masks, or diluting out the aerosols by Social Distancing, breezes or fans are the only real solutions to not getting infected.

* * * * * * *

Get educated … Stay informed … Stay healthy …

Dr. Steven M. Fry

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Public Health, & Laboratory Measurement Science.

Coming to a clinic near you, this Fall or Winter
… COVID boosters designed to stop Omicron BA.5 !

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  1. Joe Tompkins says:

    Is there anywhere in Yucatan to get a booster–any private clinic or hospital vendors?
    Will there be another government-sponsored distribution of boosters in Yucatan?

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