The Truth About Us … and Where We Came From

Feb 21, 2022:

The Truth About Us and Where We Came From

Just a catchy title?

The last 10 yrs of tons of the latest genome research of ancient DNA from across Europe & Asia has blown the long-closed doors off the temples of most people’s beliefs about where we come from … where we came from … race … and from whom we actually descended … yet most people seem to have heard nothing about it.

In a small twist of fate, for example, it turns out that Iberian (Spanish & Portuguese & Catalonian) people are genetically different from the Germans, British & northern French peoples => due to the Iberians being a primarily a mixture of Out-of-Africa Black hunter-gatherers, +plus farmers from the Levant (Anatolia-Turkey, Jordan, Israel) and Steppe people … where Steppe horse people (called Yamnayans) were Central Asian nomads who had horses & wheels, heavy-metal weapons, herds … and apparently a lot of attitude => replacing 40% of the Iberians over a period of less than 300 years … but that’s just the tip of the rapidly-melting European iceberg.

Meanwhile it turns out that the modern Brits, Germans, French, Czechs, Hungarians, Scandinavians & Dutch have NOT lived there “the same way” for 10,000’s of years … but instead, before 6,000 years ago, they were a race of darker-skinned peoples who were a mixture of Out-of-Africa (Black) Hunter-Gatherer people migrating up out of Africa, through the Levant … coming to Britain, German, Holland, Scandinavia, Czechoslovakia, Balkans, Hungary & No. France  about 55,000 yrs ago,  who then mixed with NEANDERTHALS from 49,000-54,000 yrs ago … who extinguished (“replaced”) the Neanderthals by 45,000 yrs ago… Neanderthals who had lived there successfully for the full 350,000 previous years …. Yet, these early modern-Human, early northern Europeans & Central Europeans WERE WITHOUT the blue eyes & blond hair that some modern people imagine….

Then sometime between 7,500 – 40,000 yrs ago, the same NORTH EURASIANS who populated North America (a North Asian group who went extinct long ago – no longer existing except through their now far-off – greatly displaced – genetic progeny) …  also simultaneously moved both into North America, and moved WEST – into Northern Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, No. France & Britain … mixing with the local Out-of-Africa Hunter Gatherers … making those Northern European peoples a unique mix of African, Levant, local hunter-gatherers, and ancient NORTH ASIANS … as the French people today are closer to Native Americans genetically than they are to Sardinians … but all of these “pure Northern European White people” … at that point are still not blond-haired blue eyed imagined “Caucasians” …

= = = =
The next big wave of people coming into “Western Europe” were very-talented, olive-skinned expert-grass-breeders … aka FARMERS from The Levant: Anatolia (Turkey) down through the Jordanian & Israeli areas … between 4000 – 5500 years ago … bringing their barley, wheat, beer & bread …

So,it isn’t until North Eurasian (Central Russia) … blond hairedHunter-Gatherer people from north of the Steppes – from modern-day Middle Russia & Eastern Russia. who come into Northern Europe … that blond hair & blue eyes become “a thing” … But even then … the mythological “pure racial identity of White Europeans” … as blue eyed people from north of the Black Sea brought blue eyse to No. Europe about 8,500 yearss ago …. yet our current version of Europeans does not really come into being until …

… wait for it …

until about 5,000 years ago, those same very aggressive Steppe people (Yamnayans – Central Asian Horse-Nomads) with their wheels, heavy metal weapons & horses & herds … ROCKED & ROLLED through Central Europe, Germany, Scandinavia, France & Gr. Britain – replacing much of the local previous darker-skinned farmer & hunter-gatherer people … as the very aggressive Yamnayan Horse-Nomad Steppe people took over in just 300 – 500 years … generally with as much as 90% replacement of local No. & Central European population genes, replaced by Yamnayans between just the 500 yr period from 4,500 – 5000 yrs ago.

This means there is NO CAUCASIAN genetic history for today’s “White” northern Europeans …. none … Instead, we’re heavily Central Asian Steppe Nomad (Yamnayan) horse-people**, mixed with heavy doses of ancient NORTHERN Asian people (who no longer exist) … plus some blond-haired blue-eyed hunter-gatherers from eastern Russia – aka Northern Eurasia … mixed with dark skinned Levant farmers (from Anatolia-Turkey, Jordan & Israel) … and out-of-Africa Black people who became the first hunter-gathers of France, Iberia, Germany, Scandanavia & Great Britain.

= = = = = = =
**But notice … This picture is missing some big cultural pieces … as to why all the European languages (aka Indo-European languages) are so inter-related. … It turns out that that Indo-European language quirk too, comes from those nasty aggressive Central Asian Steppe Nomad horse-people (Yamnayans), with their horses, wagons, heavy metal weapons, herds and plundering ways … dispersing their Yamnayan language from Northern India, all the way to Norway, Germany & Spain (Iberia)….

Yet, with all the mixing of genetics, mixing of religions & cultures (Beaker Culture & Corded Culture with Levant Farmer Culture, with local Western Europe (African root) Hunter-Gatherer Culture (literally as Santa Claus, mistletoe Christmas trees, & Christmas culture) with a big dash of North Asian culture & Middle Russian cultures (both being hunker-down to survive the cold cultures) … Yet, this beautiful mix of peoples from Africa … North Asia … Russia … Anatolia (Turkey) … and many many Neanderthals …

ultimately pacified those nasty aggressive Yamnayan Central Asian Steppe Nomad warriors … to get them to settle down … to farm … to brew beer … make bread … and make babies

… as scads of ancient 5,000 yr old Y chromosome data proves those aggressive nasty horse-riding, Yamnayan men “out-competed” the local guys for time with the local gals (5000 yrs ago) 90% of the time … much the same way 300 – 500 yrs ago the Spaniards out-competed the local guys in Colombia & Venezuela 90% of the time, for time with the local gals … 😦

So … all the dopey skin-heads … arrogant White French … and arrogant Dutchmen … and arrogant Germans, stubborn Polacks, and “pure Scandanavians” … neo-Nazis … and ultra-nationalist Facists of all flavors … are all WRONG …

Science proves that Northern European White People & Central European White people are (as proven so-far) the most genetically mixed people on the planet !!!

~ which I personally find absolutely delightful !!! ~

= = = = = = =

When you think “White American” or “White European”…

Can you say … Hooray for Diversity!

Can you say… No one is pure

Can you say … “Heinz 57” … “mutt” … “chucho” (Spanish) … “malix” (Maya) are what No. European White people are ???


= = = =

The source of all this fun fun fun Science is a 2020 youtube video (below) and a 2018 genetics book called “Who We Are and How We Got Here” that draws on the ground-breaking revolutionary science of Ancient DNA …

Ancient DNA science is wonderfully, radically, overturning centuries of previous orthodoxies … just as the microscope’s & telescope’s appearance overturned centuries of religious & racist clap-trap.



Dr. Steven M. Fry
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Public Health, & Laboratory Measurement Science.

Read-on, MacDuff …

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3 Responses to The Truth About Us … and Where We Came From

  1. norm says:

    My father started school during WW2, we have an odd foreign name, his teacher wanted to know in a round about way if he was German. He was but he was also a person descended from Puritans, he told her to mind her own business, but in a more colorful manner. He was an American and would book no other label.

    • yucalandia says:

      I absolutely LOVE that !

      • yucalandia says:

        Your story is especially delightful, because I’ve seen your name for years, and never thought even once that it was odd … not thinking once about where your father’s family might be from.**

        Time to go google it, now. 😉

        **And no, my last name & it’s spelling might be both a bit deceptive.

        Why? … German spellings were NOT standardized until after 1875 … and … there were no less than at least 3 spellings of our name in England’s English – and 3 spellings of our name in Germany’s spelling.

        Fry (Southern German – Bavaria … and England), Frey (No. Germany & England), Frei (Germany), and Frye (British) …

        So … Fry … generally means you had some male relative back in the 1200’s or 1300’s who was a FREE man … neither peasant nor lord … likely owned his own land (free) … and possibly an independent tradesman (free, his own boss … not having to bow & scrape to the local lord for land to share-cropper farm) ..

        So … rather than being someone’s son … Steven-son, Johns-son, Ericcson, etc

        or being a miller (Muller), a smith (Schmidt), a Tailor-Taylor (Schneider), Bower (Bauer), or other tradesmen like Wright, Fletcher, Knight, Cook, Squire and Turner … or Arm-strong. or Black (hair), or White (hair), or Short (Klein – Kline), Swift (fast), or Bird (Vogel), etc …

        … We were simply … Free

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