Mexican Income-Pension Requirements for Residente Visas

Feb 20, 2022:
Questions have been popping up on gringo forums about how the 2022 “personal fiscal solvency” requirements have increased by roughly 20% for 2022, for foreigners applying for Residente visas to come to Mexico. That means it’s time to summarize the actual fiscal amounts that the different US & Canadian city’s Mexican Consulates require for people to qualify for a Residente visa.

Sure, many gringo FaceBook posts & gringo blogs are reporting a single specific magical “universal” $$ amount, but reality is different from those oversimplifications:

Also note that there are complicating factors of whether your local Mexican Consulate allows only pensions-retirement income & only old retired people to apply for a Permanent Residency visa (Residente Permanente), or whether anyone with enough monthly income or enough savings can also qualify for a Residente Permanente visa. Some Consulates are helpful & friendly on these key matters (Denver, Laredo, Portland, et al), while others (like the Mexican Consulates in California) have local very restrictive policies not found in our Mexican laws.

Next: Because EACH of the local Mexican Consulates can set their own local quirky variations to the rules, some city’s Mexican Consulates artificially allow only old retired people to qualify for Residente Permanente visas, while others follow Mexican law and allow anyone to qualify for a Residente Permanente visa.

As described in our main article on Immigrating to Mexico, we have accumulated a list of which Mexican Consulates follow Mexican law (allowing anyone to apply), versus the Mexican Consulates who create their own local additional requirements not specified in Mexican law, like how the Mexican Consulates across California are some of the most difficult to work with & most restrictive.

Recent first person internet reports show that the Mexican Consulates in Laredo TX, Phoenix AZ and Las Vegas, NV are very lenient approving Residente Temporal visas for Americans with as little as $1,340.00 USD per month in income.   The Mexican Consulate in Houston has been reported as being very difficult to work with.  

Note that all the Mex. Consulates in California have added very stringent extra requirements that Residente Permanente visa applicants must use ONLY documented** Social Security deposits to meet the “Personal Fiscal Solvency” requirements … (the same applies to the Consulates in Dallas, Houston, Boston and others, all with difficult*Consular officers) … In contrast,  the Mex. Consulates in Laredo, Phoenix, Portland OR, Detroit, Chicago, Little Rock et al   have been very lenient in accepting monthly deposits … or savings account balances … that are NOT exclusively “retirement pension income” …   and Yes, Virginia … the individual Consulates do not always post the secret extra-requirements …  so check the list of … “Who’s naughty”   and “Who’s nice”

and go Consulate shopping… 😉

= = = = = = =
Finally, there’s also a somewhat submerged mess in the Consulates “Personal Fiscal Solvency Requirements”, due to some Consulates using the Mexican Minimum Wage standard (Salario Diario Minimo) versus the Mexican Govenrment’s new standard of UMA’s, where
UMA for 2022 = $96.22 pesos …. and  Minimum Wage (MW) for 2022 = $172.87 pesos

Residency TypeMultiple: Monthly IncomeMultiple: Savings Balance
Temporary Residency300x UMA or MW5,000x UMA or MW
Permanent Residency500x UMA or MW20,000x UMA or MW
Dependent Spouse100x UMA or MW100x UMA or MW
Dependent Minors100x UMA or MW100x UMA or MW
“Family Unit”*100x UMA or MW100x UMA or MW
(Temporary Residency)
100x UMA or MW1,000x UMA or MW

* Family Unit applications are those whereby the applicant has specific family ties or roots in Mexico.

In conclusion, all of this specific current iformation about the differing $$ requirements & differing rules at each of the Consulates is just part of a bigger richer pictuire of how to immigrate to Mexico – whose details can be found in our main article on Immigration to Mexico at:

Happy Trails !

Read-on, MacDuff …

Read On … MacDuff !

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6 Responses to Mexican Income-Pension Requirements for Residente Visas

  1. princesanancy2012 says:

    Hi there I know this is off target but can you tell me the cost for IMSS for a 76 year old this year.
    send to Nancy Walters we are FB friends

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Liz Barden says:


    En función de la edad del solicitante, se determina la cuota anual a cubrir de manera anticipada por cada asegurado.
    Rango de edad Cuota Anual
    0-19 $ 6,200.00
    20-29 $ 7,650.00
    30-39 $ 8,250.00
    40-49 $ 9,550.00
    50-59 $ 9,950.00
    60-69 $ 13,800.00
    70-79 $ 14,350.00
    80 y más $ 14,850.00

    Cuotas vigentes a partir del 1° de marzo de 2021.

    logo gobierno de méxico

  3. Thanks for the non-Covid news. I have read from you since the MexConnect Learn Spanish Forum with Esperanza, Quevedo, etc., quite a few years ago. Hope you are doing well.

  4. dakotacat says:

    Are IRA balances generally accepted? Would they accept a combination of IRA and 401k balance to meet the investment savings threshold? I wonder if HSA funds would count?

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