Yucatan Opens COVID Vaccinations to All Adults

Feb 14, 2022:
Yucatan State offers us all a special Valentine.

All adults are now invited to come in and get vaccinated or boosted, regardless of whether we have previously not been or have been vaccinated.

May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'Gobierno del Estado de Yucatán YUGATAN YUCATÁN SE VACUNA Si aun no te has vacunado acude los módulos permanentes de vacunación. Invita a tus familiaresy conocidos que no se han vacunado a sumarse para evitar una cuarta ola de Covid-19. Sigamos siendo responsables por nuestra salud de todos. ¡Vacúnate! Juntos podemos sumar haciendo cada uno nuestra parte, recuerda seguir con las medidas de prevención, unidos podemos salir adelante. ¡NO BAJEMOS LA GUARDIA!'

Because study after study are showing that people with prior COVID infections, and previously vaccinated people are showing low (insufficient) COVID antibody levels, they are offering to vaccinate any adult who comes in, with “no questions asked” … important because we are still experiencing an unnecessary 78 COVID deaths a week here … as we are still experiencing the 4’th worst COVID week ever.**

=> Keep wearing your tight-fitting N95 or better masks … Throw away your 40% – 70% leaky cloth masks … Keep Socially Distancing by 8 feet when indoors with masks off to eat or drink …

How to Get Your Latest COVID Vaccine Jab:
If you already have a CURP number, register ahead of time on the Mex. Government’s vaccination website.

Here’s the most recent (Nov) Yucatan State Gob. posting of the 3 “permanent vaccination sites” that are open for people to come get vaccinated or boosted:

No photo description available.

COVID Cases, Hospitalizations: & Deaths in Yucatan:
**As of last week, we are still in the Yucatan’s 4’th worst week of COVID, which is a blessing, because we just previously had the 3 worst prior weeks of COVID.

3,285 confirmed COVID cases, 117 COVID public-hospitalizations, and 78 COVID deaths last week is still very troubling** … yet these numbers also show we are likely coming off COVID’s worst peak ever in Yucatan . … Still, COVID is causing almost 60% of all Yucatan public hospitalizations (58%) , which is the same as the previous week, and 34% of the public hospital ICU beds were COVID-19 patients, slightly down from 38% from the previous week … Yet COVID death rates were basically the same this past week at 78 compared to the previous week’s COVID 77 deaths.

For historical context, Yucatan’s COVID death rates are still below previous COVID-outbreaks’ 100+ peaks, likely due to less Delta COVID and more Omicron COVID. … Omicron is killing people here … yet it appears to be killing 23% fewer people than the Delta version. If Omicron were as deadly as Delta, we would normally expect over 100 deaths last week, if the infections were all Delta. Next, note that this is very likely NOT a “testing-effect”, because we are still seeing consistent COVID-positive results rates at 78% this week versus 79% the previous week.

Finally, like hospitalizations, the deaths were again excessively coming from UNVACCINATED people, which proves the wisdom of Yucatan State opening up vaccinations & boosting to all adults.

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Previous COVID infections supposedly giving protections from Omicron exposed as a myth – anti-vaxxers hoax:
Finally, it has become clear that having a prior COVID infection IS NOT GIVING PROTECTION from Omicron infections, as people who recently had Delta infections ARE GETTING OMICRON infections, too many with NASTY lung thrombosis, hospitalized due to coughing up blood … along with other Omicron patients getting nasty brain, liver, & kidney thrombosis => which are PRIMARY CAUSES of COVID deaths.

So … The whole set of some people’s claims that somehow “COVID ~magically~ might not kill people“, continues to be exposed as a big anti-vaxxer’s, anti-COVID hoax … along with unvaccinated people being the vast majorities of serious injury, hospitalizations and deaths.

Vaccinations & boosting give good protection from Omicron hospitalization & death, even though Omicron is still infecting vaccinated people … Finally, because COVID infects both vaccinated & people who have had prior COVID infections …

Keep wearing tight-fitting medical grade masks & Socially Distancing by 8 ft when masks are off for eating & drinking indoors.

Stay informed … Stay healthy … Stay safe …

Dr. Steven M. Fry
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Public Health, & Laboratory Measurement Science.

Read-on, MacDuff …

Read On … MacDuff !

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2 Responses to Yucatan Opens COVID Vaccinations to All Adults

  1. Allison Morrill says:

    Do you think Omicron is milder than Delta? Not so fast! say Harvard public health researchers. https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/press-releases/omicrons-milder-severity-due-to-population-immunity/

    • yucalandia says:

      Notice that the first sentence by the Harvard guys says only: “are likely”, which is a very squishy choice of words.

      Notice that the Harvard guys offer no data at all to support their hypothesis, because they have no idea about the actual levels of COVID immunity in Botswana or South Africa, just guesses.

      Their claims may … or may not be true, because there is no legitimate evidence to prove or disprove their suppositions.

      In any case, whether their guesses are correct or not does not affect the reality that far far fewer people who have been vaccinated, boosted or had a prior infection are going to the hospital or dying from Omicron.

      Happily: This means the Harvard guy’s latest guesses do not change the realities of how to stay safe from COVID.

      … Get vaccinated, get boosted … Keep wearing your N95 or better tight-fitting masks … and Keep Socially Distancing by 8 ft or more when indoors with masks off.


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