Feb 27, 2022 COVID Cases Falling, Hospitalizations Down, Deaths Down

Feb 27, 2022 Update:
Despite the politician’s “Green” rating for COVID in Yucatan, our COVID case numbers, hospitalizations & COVID deaths are still a problem.Feb 27, 2022 Update:

Though much improved, Yucatan’s COVID numbers still tell a troubling story, currently ending with a too high 1,774 govt-confirmed COVID cases this past week … 1,774 govt.-confirmed COVID cases corresponds to each of us encountering 1 COVID infected Yucatecan out of 110 people.

Our current 1 in 110 … 1,177 Yucatecans with COVID is much lower than previous weeks falling case number of 2,052 … 3,283 … 6,398 … 7,526 … which is really good news … Yet our typical low COVID numbers were just 87 – 400 cases a week in the past.

Medical Doctors & good Scientists are saying we should still keep wearing our masks & socially distancing, esp. when inside, until our numbers fall back down 4X times lower, back to 400 cases a week. … Saying it another way, because of long-COVID risks, Yucatan would still be rated RED, if we used the same Medical-Scientific standards of last year. … Politicians simply see the world differently than Scientists & Doctors.

Hospitalizations look really good! … Just 44 official cases in public hospitals is part of the previous trend of falling for 5 straight weeks …. 178 … 156 … 117 … 66 … and 44 COVID hospitalizations (in public hospitals) this week

COVID Deaths Rates Fell Again to Just 42 COVID deaths. … Death rates have been falling from 78 … 77 … 77 … 70 … to 42.

For historical context, Yucatan’s last 5 weeks of COVID deaths are still below previous COVID-outbreaks’ 100+ peaks, likely due to less Delta COVID and more Omicron COVID. … Omicron is killing people here … yet it appears to be killing 23% fewer people than the Delta version.

Finally, like hospitalizations, the deaths were again excessively coming from UNVACCINATED people.

* * * * * * *

It sure is nice to report better COVID numbers.! 😉

Still … Keep wearing tight-fitting medical grade masks & Socially Distancing by 8 ft when masks are off for eating & drinking indoors

Stay informed … Stay healthy … Stay safe …

Dr. Steven M. Fry

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Public Health, & Laboratory Measurement Science.

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2 Responses to Feb 27, 2022 COVID Cases Falling, Hospitalizations Down, Deaths Down

  1. Jerry Moomaw says:

    Despite the decided downsides, it is a huge relief to belong to the club composed of folk who are considered to be immune by the scientific community. The downsides are a fact of life at this point. It’s nice that there is an upside. Something to look forward to, should you be unlucky enough to join the club.

  2. Bruce McGovern says:

    I tire of the lies. I spent an hour every day, since 2020, studying information on Covid, and all over the world most Covid is among the vaccinated. I already asked you once to not send me any more of your nonsense.

    As I wrote to you earlier, I have NO control over the “Like” and “Follow” options you have chosen.

    If you don’t like your previous choices, then cancel what you did.

    FINALLY … over a year of facts show:
    Around the world, OVER 90% of the COVID hospitalizations and DEATHS are coming from UNVACCINATED people.
    Dr. Steven M. Fry
    Ph.D in Public Health, Chemistry & Laboratory Measurement Sciences

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