Yucatan’s COVID Cases Back at ‘Normal’ Levels

March 6, 2022 Update:
“Green” is go, as our COVID casecase numbers fall back to just 404 official new COVID cases last week. Historically, typical low weeks of COVID cases since May, 2020 have fallen to around 400 confirmed cases a week, so, we’re back to having just 1 Yucatecan with COVID in 475 total Yucatecans you meet in a week.

This current 1 in 475 … Yucatecans with COVID is low enough to go out and enjoy life here, while maintaining modest protections. (vaccinated & boosted or prior COVID infection + good mask when inside around people talking.

Hospitalizations look really good! … Just 19 official cases in public hospitals is part of the previous trend of falling for 6 straight weeks …. 178 … 156 … 117 … 66 … 44 … and now just 19 COVID hospitalizations (in public hospitals) this week

COVID Deaths Rates Fell Again to Just 19 COVID deaths. … Death rates have been falling from 78 … 77 … 77 … 70 … 42 … to 19.

Finally, like hospitalizations, the deaths were again excessively coming from UNVACCINATED people.

* * * * * * *

It sure is nice to report better COVID numbers.! 😉

Still … Keep wearing tight-fitting medical grade masks & Socially Distancing by 8 ft when masks are off for eating & drinking indoors.

Stay informed … Stay healthy … Stay safe …

Dr. Steven M. Fry

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Public Health, & Laboratory Measurement Science.

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5 Responses to Yucatan’s COVID Cases Back at ‘Normal’ Levels

  1. glgoggin says:

    Doctor, please advise us when and where booster vaccines are available at farmacias or other less crowded, less public places like IMSS. Thanks for your reporting and follow-up!Gail 

  2. sphinxchocolateneptune80918 says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I can’t ever seem to manage anything in Word Press. Are you able to change my email address to bingersoll21@gmail.com.

    Many thanks. I am trying to discontinue use of my hotmail account.

    Bill Ingersoll

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