Update on SAT’s On-line Mexican Income Tax Filing Website System

August 13, 2013:
Here’s another Public Service Announcement for people who pay their own Mexican income taxes (not withheld by an employer) or submit IVA taxes to SAT.   Lic. Spencer McMullen offers the following updates:

“Pay your taxes now to SAT or lose big”

People (inc. small business owners, independent professionals, and the self-employed) under the REPECO scheme used to file and pay their taxes bimonthly with their State Tax Collectors offices.    Now, with the Jan. 2014 tax reforms, people need to file bimonthly tax returns with SAT using the SAT web site.   The SAT website is now working, 1 filing deadline has passed, and 1 deadline is looming.  … Continue reading at Update on SAT’s On-line Mexican Income Tax & IVA Tax Filing
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Full details and translations can be found at: Update on SAT’s On-line Mexican Income Tax & IVA Tax Filing

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Disclaimer: This information is not meant as legal advice. It is for educational and informational purposes only.  See a qualified professional for advice on important issues.

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