Update on “Paper-Only” Permanent Car Imports into Mexico: Import from the comfort of your couch.

August 18, 2013:
Here’s an update on how the latest amparos (similar to a Temporary Restraining Order) are working at the Mexico-USA border to allow us foreigners to legally and permanently import our foreign-plated cars without taking the car to the border, (called “paper-only imports”) .  An open letter on this from Oscar Angulo was posted on Mexconnect.   As with other Yucalandia contributors, Oscar has years of a fine reputation for consistently giving good assistance to Americans and Canadians here in Mexico:

”  By all means I will give you an explanation, as to what are the basics to realize this new manner in which to nationalize cars without taking them to the border.

As you know there are only limited “windows of time.”
In Article 101 of the customs law one can find the stipulation for making a pedimento “A3.”
And in regulation 2.5.1 is found the procedure of how to realize this nationalization, there it tells you that you have to present the auto at the border or port of entry.
And is against which we entered an “Amparo” (temporary restraining order entered by a judge) against this regulation, in place of the regulation we can realize the pedimento without the necessity of presenting the vehicle.
The procedure is very simple. One must send photos of the auto in a Pemex or in front of an Oxxo, in order to demonstrate precisely that the auto is in México and is not detained or in a foreign country.
One must send the title of ownership.
-copy of identification
-copy of a comprobante of domicile (electric bill in name of owner, eg.)
-put down a code or application number that is assigned.
-and as is logical, send a deposit of the total of the cost.
The process takes three work days and the original document are sent by a messanger service.
So, it is per another “Amparo,” which presents the present “window of time.” Apparently, most gringos think the nationalization of cars is a simple, stable, and direct process. However, the whole process is sort of “held together with Scotch tape and ping pong balls.” Remember when I announced that nationalization was suspended, and people hee-hawed me. It was suspended because several “Amparos” had expired. At that time, fortunately, the agents were able to get those “Amparos” re-instated, but there was no guarantee…..AND THERE NEVER IS…..so the whole process is sort of fragile. Of course, if the Mexican automobile industry had its preference, Residentes Permanentes would be obligated to buy Mexican cars……I know NAFTA, but, and this is hard to accept, “SO What!”
So, at the present time one can take care of the “window of opportunity” created by the Amparo (temporary restraining order) against having to present the car at the border. Who knows how long this will last….maybe a long time, or maybe the “window of time” will suddenly slam shut!
Tom C. Whitmore

Original from Óscar:
Hola mi querido amigo Tom.
Claro que si, te doy una definicion, en que se estan fundamentando para
la realizacion de esta nueva modalidad de hacer carros sin traer a la frontera.
Como sabras solo son “ventanas de tiempo” .
En el articulo 101 de la ley aduanera podran encontrar lo estipulada para hacer un pedimento “A3”.
Y en la regla 2.5.1 Viene el procediemiento, de como realizar esta nacionalizacion,
ahi te menciona que tienes que presentar el auto en la frontera o puerto de entrada.
Y es en donde entramos nosotros con un “Amparo” a esta regla. en vez de traerlo
podemos realizar el pedimento sin necesidad de presentar el vehiculo.
EL procedieminto es muy simple. HaY que mandarme fotos del auto en un pemex o en un oxxo, para demostrar que efectivamente el auto esta en Mexico y no se encuentra detenido o en el extranjero.
Mandar copia del titulo de propiedad.
-copia de identificacion.
-copia de comprobante de domicilio.
-poner un codigo que se asigna.
– y logico hacer el deposito en su totalidad del costo.
El tramite tarda 3 dias habiles y se envian documentos originales por paqueteria.
Esperando te encuentres en perfecto estado de salud y quedo a tus apreciables ordenes.. Un fuerte Abrazo.

LIC. Oscar Fco. Angulo. *PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGEAnCo Comercializadora.
Tel 631-31-52571
Nex. 62*259663*2
Cel Mex 045 6311201015.
Cel Usa 520 988 5060 “


*     *     *     *
Disclaimer: This information is not meant as legal advice. It is for educational and informational purposes only.  See a qualified professional for advice on important issues.

*                 *                 *                *

Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan. <em>© Steven M. Fry

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21 Responses to Update on “Paper-Only” Permanent Car Imports into Mexico: Import from the comfort of your couch.

  1. Sandra Zwick says:

    This is interesting.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Larry Nielsen says:

    Send the document copies WHERE and how much money?

    • yucalandia says:

      Contact Oscar A. , or another reliable agent.

      Typical costs for paper-only imports have ranged from $20,000 – $35,000 pesos. I would be sure that I got a pedimento that allows you to easily get your state’s license plates – and not have to pay an additional 16.5% IVA on top of the $20,000 peso import costs.

  3. Tom C. Whitmore says:

    Thanks, Steven, for picking up this “Paper Only” posting from Mexconnect. I wanted to post it first on Yucalandia but could not figure out how to do it.
    About the preceding Nielsen comment: Deal with an agent like Óscar for the address and details. Costs will vary with the car and its age and other such details.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Tom,
      If you want to publish something here, just make a request in the comments section. We welcome good updates like this one, from quality guest contributors.

      Again, thanks so much for your ongoing help for the rest of us expats!

  4. afro26 says:

    I’m sorry, could someone in plainsmen terms, break this down into easy steps, I’m not getting the process and costs. Much thanks.

    • Tom C. Whitmore says:

      I am afraid you want a simple answer to a complex situation. However, if you actually want to nationalize a car (if your interest is more than curiosity) I suggest you call Óscar Angulo, or write him an email, giving him your specifics, VIN, year, model, etc. and he will tell you costs, what has to be signed and sent etc.
      Tom C. Whitmore

  5. chris says:

    I am curious as to why Oscar Angulo is mentioned as a contributor to this blog but cannot find any posts made by the man himself. He is mentioned in passing in one blog entry and his letter, originally posted on MC, is the only other mention.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Chris,
      Oscar communicates by personal email – sends us updates – answers questions etc.
      I don’t know why he hasn’t made any posts – except that he keeps several bloggers updated in different parts of Mexico, and he just uses the “group list” function to copy all of us easily by email in one fell swoop – versus logging into multiple blog sites???

      • Tom C. Whitmore says:

        Óscar Angulo has provided a wealth of information concerning nationalization of foreign-plated cars and we are lucky he keeps us informed and updated. Without Óscar´s input we would be without detailed knowledge on many points

      • yucalandia says:

        Yep, without hesitation, we agree that Oscar has provided years of very good service to Americans and Canadians coming to Mexico.

    • chris says:

      Yeah, well, you had to copy and paste a message from him posted on MC via a third party. Kinda shoots down the “multiple sites” group list, doesn’t it?

      • Tom C. Whitmore says:

        Wow….what a pointless negative comment. Have a nice day.

      • Mary Jungquist says:

        One more question. My friend you imported her car & got Yucatan plates has a sticker on her car saying it is imported. Are all imported cars supposed to have that sticker?

      • yucalandia says:

        Hi Mary,
        I don’t know about the latest “sticker” for permanently imported cars. We permanently imported our little pickup and a sedan, and Aduana did not issue stickers for either. Yucatan State issues a sticker each time you get a license plate, but many many Yucatecans do not install the stickers, (so sometimes you see a sticker in a Yucatan plated vehicle, and other times not).

        Are you talking about a sticker from the state Gob. de Yucatan or about some sticker from Aduana?
        Aduana may now issue stickers, but we have not seen them (yet?)

        Really if your friend has a valid pedimento from Aduana, and has Yucatán plates, it’s all good,

      • Tom C. Whitmore says:

        At the time of nationalization Banjercito applies a decal or sticker on the upper middle inside of the windshield. It has a chip or bar with all the details of the auto. It is the same sticker that appears on every new car made and sold in Mexico. So, it is not strictly an import sticker.

      • yucalandia says:

        Thanks, Tom.

  6. Mary Jungquist says:

    Do all cars imported “Paper Only” get Mexico city plates? How long do you have to change them to the state you reside in? Do you ever have to change them, or can you drive forever on DF plates?

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Mary,
      Great questions.

      I would contact Oscar Angules to find out your options.

      We have a local agent here in Merida who was getting people Estado de Mexico plates that were not supposed to ever expire(???) This agent runs a superb insurance business – with years of a reputation for excellent highly-professional service, so, I hesitate to question their advice.

      Many “paper only” permanent imports here in Merida have gotten either Tamaulipas or Guerrero (?) plates. Me? I would prefer a deal where I am guaranteed to be able to get Yucatan plates at modest cost.

      There are more than just one Amparos being used, so we really cannot say what terms are available for each different process.

      Again, talk with the agent/broker who is doing the application, to find out your options with their process.

  7. Kay Beamer says:

    Could I get Oscar Angules email address? We drove our car to Quintana Roo and rec’d a sticker from the Aduana that expires in April. At this time (March 2015) am I required to drive it to a border to renew? What are the penalties if its done late?

    • yucalandia says:


      You could go to the Belize/Mexico border outside Chetumal to renew.
      Late penalties: You lose your cash deposit and the car becomes illegal to drive inside Mexico. As an illegal car, any/all insurance coverage may be cancelled and the vehicle is subject to being impounded.

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