Record Mild Tropical Storm Season Projected for the Caribbean & Atlantic Coast

April 9, 2015
CSU researchers have predicted the mildest Atlantic/Caribbean Tropical Storm season in decades.

Climate change?   …  Only 7 named storms predicted for the 2015 Atlantic storm season.

Stormy Weather in Haiti

To keep things in context, Dr. Gray and the CSU team have provided the best Atlantic-basin tropical storm predictions since the 1970’s.


Click to access apr2015.pdf

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4 Responses to Record Mild Tropical Storm Season Projected for the Caribbean & Atlantic Coast

  1. vblbc says:

    …and what about the Pacific coast???? Coast of Mexico

    • yucalandia says:

      Good question.

      The CSU folks work on the combination of West African weather interacting with Atlantic basin weather, focusing on predicting the big damaging storms that hit Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and the Carolinas.

      • Jake says:

        How about predicting New York City storms?

      • yucalandia says:

        Hi jake,
        The CSU Atmospheric Sciences researchers have focused on the interesting linkage/connection between West African weather, – central Atlantic and central Pacific – El Niño and – La Niña trends/events – to create annual reasonably-accurate sets of projections for the Atlantic basin, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Southeastern USA inter-connected weather systems since the 1970’s.

        Maybe you could prod the powerful research institutions of Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Penn, Yale et al to come up with something for the Washington D.C. to Boston corridor ? With all their awesome brainpower, you’d think they could match the efforts & 4 decades of accomplishments of one small group of Rocky Mountain researchers? * … *grin*

        Happy Trails,

        *In the interests of full disclosure, I’m a CSU and U of Ill grad, who’s enjoyed hearing decades of choruses praising the Ivy League.

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