INM Now Tracking TIPs on Visitors Visas

June 20, 2016

INM at airports may now have access-to & use Aduana-Banjercito vehicle permit database information. …
A recent San Miguel Expat forum post described a change at one INM airport office on for foreigners exiting Mexico (in Mexico on a Visitor’s Visa)… who also had an existing (un-cancelled) Temporary Import Permit for their foreign-plated car:

” Our car permit is in my husband’s name (we’re on tourist visas). He had to fly out yesterday to care for his mom for awhile. When the plane was just about to take off, they found him and he had to pay a 390 peso fine because he’s leaving the car behind.
Word to the wise! “

This is the first report we’ve read about what sure looks like INM … now … has the ability to flag our INM records with some of our auto/truck permit information from the Aduana/Banjercito database(s).

Bit by bit,  this is another step in the Mexican government using their nationwide databases to force foreigners to finally comply with Mexican law.

Have other readers had similar experiences?

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5 Responses to INM Now Tracking TIPs on Visitors Visas

  1. Forcing foreigners to comply with Mexican law is a good thing. It should not even be necessary to force it. As for that airport fine for leaving without the car, that’s just a hair over 20 bucks! What earthly purpose does that serve?

    • yucalandia says:

      Many Americans & Canadians cheerily break Mexican laws… as if this were some Magical Kingdom in Disney World

      … where gringos imagine there are supposedly ~no laws~ no rules ~.

      Even small $20 token fines by the Mex. Gob. ~+plus the inconvenience~

      are enough to get the gringos to comply.

      Happy Trails,

  2. Susan Swanson says:

    We pay our license plate tabs in the States without a grumble: the monies go to maintain our highways and roads. I am constantly shocked to see the ancient, expired U.S. license plates parked around Puerto Vallarta, and even in my condominium, TIPs barely legible anymore. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were contributing to some sorely needed road repair??! Enforcing these laws makes sense. We solved the problem by driving our Toyota (made in Japan) home and then purchasing a used Mexican-plated car in Puerto Vallarta. And, yes, we keep the ‘placas’ up to date!

  3. Peter Dorken says:

    Interesting story! So here is my Delma! I plan to drive from Ontario Canada to PV in mid to late August, !in order to scout out a reasonably priced rental property. My question is what do I need to do with my car ( Ford Fusion ) since it will be comming back with me when my visitor time runs out? And will I require special insurance ,while my vehicle is in Mexico? Any information on this mater would be greatly appreciated……..

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