Ancient Bacteria and Viruses Re-Appearing as Global Warming Thaws Frozen Regions

June 13, 2017
In addition to resurrecting deadly Spanish Flu viruses from human bodies …  frozen in the Arctic a mere 100 years ago, plus nasty anthrax from frozen caribou carcasses in the Arctic …  there are some additional interesting twists arising from the old ‘preserved’ bacteria & viruses.

Consider nicely preserved (flash frozen) 30,000 – 40,000 year old Neanderthal remains, thawing out in the Climate Changed warming Arctic not-so-permafrost,  replete with all their cold, flu & bacterial infections that our immune systems have never seen.

Tibetan Plateau Thawed Permafrost - Gertrud and Helmut Denzau

Thawed Permafrost on Tibetan Plateau … Credit Gertrud & Helmut Denzau


Next revelation in old microbes being resurrected,  Antibiotic Resistance:
Scientists have found live 4 million year old ~ nasty antibiotic resistant bacteria ~ in the USA, in New Mexico’s Lechuguilla Cave,

Surprisingly**, the USA’s 4 million year old antibiotic-resistant bacteria have resistance to 70% of our ‘modern’ antibiotics – totally inactivating our most common antibiotics.
**This is actually not a surprise, since over 99.9% of our ‘modern’ antibiotics come from natural fungi products, and these US cave bacteria have lived for 4 – 7 million years competing with fungi for scarce resources 1000 feet deep in New Mexico.
So … antibiotic resistance appears to be a 4-7 million year old characteristic.

Fun ??

Just imagine the possibilities when scientists resurrect Woolly  Mammoths … expected in the next 2 years.

Wooly Mammoths

Credit Stocktrek Images

Fun … ??

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© Steven M. Fry

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