Mexican Justice System in Transition

January 6, 2018

Mexican Justice System in Transition.
There appear to be some unexpected consequences to Mexico’s recent US-backed attempts to apply US protections of criminals “rights” … to the 19’th century Mexican justice system. Under the US-based system:
… The (GDL police) chief said only 50 arrest warrants have been issued in Guadalajara, the state capital, in the past year and a half — while there are 1,300 crimes per month.
Holding Mexican police to US standards … and lots of new rights for criminals all sounds very good (in theory), but consider the consequences:
… Now judges have far more leeway to release suspects pending trial. The new system provides alternatives such as mediation or plea bargaining to ease the congestion in the court system.

… When the rubber meets the road …

“… The result has been fewer people behind bars. Mexico has about 202,700 prisoners, down from nearly 235,900 when the changes went into effect in June 2016, according to prison authorities. Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera said last month that there are 11,000 fewer inmates in the capital than in the year before the judicial revisions started
— a decline of nearly 30 percent —
a situation he called “very dangerous.

On the positive side of the ledger, the new law significantly helps people charged with minor crimes.   Someone who steals a soda pop   no longer spends 2 years in jail awaiting trial. 

What’s next ??
Read the details here:

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  1. Barry A. Rodgers says:

    That sounds very good to me, mass incarceration is never the answer, as we well know in the US.

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