‘New’ Mexico Visa Application Form (in English) Issued by SRE-Consulates

June 13, 2018
The Mexican SRE Ministry (including Consulates) has issued a new .pdf form in English for people applying for visas to complete & submit when applying for a visa to come to Mexico:

Notice that the form does not include a specific box-to-check for Residente Temporal visa applicants who also want to work or earn income (inc. renting property etc.).   If you want to work &/or earn income in Mexico,  then when you write your cover letter describing what you want, be sure to include a request for a “residente temporal visa con permiso por actividades remunerada“. …  If you get just a normal Residente Temporal visa, then you will have to reapply & pay for a whole new visa (later) when you request to change to get permission to receive income in Mexico.

More Details on the whole process can be found at our main article on Immigration & Visiting Mexico at:

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Dr. Steven M. Fry

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5 Responses to ‘New’ Mexico Visa Application Form (in English) Issued by SRE-Consulates

  1. francesca hall says:

    is this only for americans or does it apply to canadians as well?

    • yucalandia says:

      Each Consulate has the discretion to use the official SRE form, or not. … Mex. Consulates in Canada may (or may not) be using this official form.

      Contact your Consulate in Canada, steve

  2. My husband Bill and I are not legally married. Am I correct in saying that each of us must make or have the minimum in income or assets?

    • yucalandia says:


      At most Consulates, they apply the Personal Fiscal Solvency requirements on each unrelated applicant.

      A few consulates (like Miami) do sometimes allow people with lower assets ~ lower monthly income~deposits to qualify, esp. if they speak decent Spanish.

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