Quintana Roo Tourist’s First 2 Minor Traffic Offenses are “On the House”

May 18, 2018
Yucalandia staff enjoy tracking various tidbits on expat forums from around Mexico, and this somewhat-older item from TripAdvisor caught our eye:

“El reglamento de transito estatal (de Quintana Roo) establece:

“Se establece en el Estado; la Boleta de Infracción de Cortesía que la Dirección de Tránsito, en su jurisdicción respectiva aplicará exclusivamente a los Turistas que infrinjan el Reglamento de Tránsito. La Boleta de Infracción de Cortesía no implica costo alguno al que se impone, siendo su objetivo señalar la violación cometida y exhortar a conducir cumpliendo con las reglas de Tránsito. La Sanción de Cortesía es aplicada hasta en dos ocasiones al mismo vehículo y/o conductor y no procede en los casos de actos y omisiones graves contrarios a lo que dispone el presente Reglamento.”

For tourists driving in Quintana Roo, this is one of those items worth printing out & carrying this in the car, to show police, when we are pulled over.   Across Q. Roo, the state & local police are well known for pulling-over  & shaking-down tourists,  (including us … 4 times), especially if you’re in a rental car.

Basically, this official Article of the Q. Roo Driving Regulations (Reglamento Transito) says that the $$ fines must be completely waived for the first 2 minor traffic infractions by drivers who are tourists.  This waiver does not apply to serious traffic offenses that are counter to the current Reglamento Transito rules,

For more practical tips on driving around Mexico, check out our main article on this at:

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5 Responses to Quintana Roo Tourist’s First 2 Minor Traffic Offenses are “On the House”

  1. Eric Chaffee says:

    ¿So what happens to folks who don’t have tourist visas, but instead only have residente permanantes? If I am a resident of Yucatan, am I tourist in Q.R? Or is it that I am a resident of Mejico?

    You’ve had four shots at the brass ring. How’d you fare?

    • yucalandia says:

      Hey Eric,
      I just realized that my earlier reply was based on me dealing with a series of Mexican legal questions just before I read your quesition. My previous answer was way too narrowly interpreted.

      Since the Q. Roo Reglamento de Transito rules are written for generic drivers, then tourist would mean someone who is just visiting, who does not live in Q. Roo. … Note that the Article 241 (above) is followed by Article 242 that orders all Q. Roo police to help “tourists” (all visitors) to Q. Roo) by giving travel directions, requiring them to answer tourist’s questions, especially in the tourist areas.

      = =- = = = = =
      Re “You’ve had four shots at the brass ring. How’d you fare?
      What does this refer to?

      I passed the Mexican Citizenship test without any real problems … ??
      I certainly haven’t been married 4 times … ??

  2. Davio says:

    6-28-19- Just got home from Cancun. I wish the rental agency had given me this Article 241 paper. I researched driving in Mexico before I went there, but I never saw anything about this Article 241.

    The first traffic stop was on the way to the airport fully loaded with luggage and family. Although I did actually run a red light and I deserved to be pulled over because I was confused by the signage and the other vehicles in front of me ran the same light just seconds before, yet I got pulled over. After being asked to step from the vehicle, the cop told me the fine was $3,000 MXN/$180 USD. He explained that I would have to go to the PD to pay it and that he would keep my license until resolved. I asked if I was to follow him to the PD so I can resolve and get my license back, then he said that I can pay him right then and there…. DISHONEST COP! He had me by the cajones and he knew it! So, I have seven people in the van, we are headed to the airport, we will miss our flights if I handle it at the PD and I had no knowledge of article 241. So, I paid the the cop on the side of the road.
    Then about 3-4 miles later just before we hit the Cancun airport, we hit a tope where cops are flagging people. Of course, they pulled me over and accused me of speeding. No radar/LIDAR to verify speeds, just a couple of cops with a flag. I was in a pack of cars all slowing at the same speed, passing through at the same speed. Cop #1 approached, but did not speak english. He sent Cop #2 to my window who spoke english well enough. He explained that the speed was 20kmh and proceeded to bring up a picture of the speed sign and showed me printed material to support the speed, which he flipped through so fast, I could not actually read it. He and the paper indicated 20kmh, but the picture he showed me was a 30kmh sign. I politely argued the issue and he let me go without demanding payment… While all of this was going on, cars driven by tourists on the way to the airport were being pulled over left and right, paying cash out the windows and all the while, right in front of two Federales parked at the far side of the tope. Unbelievable!!
    The shakedowns on tourists is deplorable! Tourism is Mexicos bread and butter and these dishonest cops along with corrupt government officials and cartels is only hurting the good people of Mexico. I feel very sorry for the citizens who have to live with cops that you cannot trust. Yes, USA has its own cop problems, but nothing like this. I really hope that someday the good people of Mexico can take the country back from all of these terrible, corrupt people.

  3. shahnewazpappu says:

    Me Want to go to Mexico but sadly how am Come to your country Help me

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