PEMEX Guys Come Up with New Scam

Imagine that you briefly see that the helpful Pemex attendants have pumped $720 pesos of gasoline (as momentarily shown on the pump’s display) ,  yet now ,  the pump’s display now shows:  $920 pesos …. the YES, they zeroed the pump out at the beginning & you verified the Zeros  ( $0.00  & 0.00 Litros).

Hint: Zero’s at the beginning do not help (at all) to stop this new scam.
(Instructions on how to defeat their scam are at the bottom of this report.)

This scam works by ~abusing~ the PEMEX option of the client choosing a specific $$Peso amount of purchase versus just filling the tank to its FULL amount.
How the scam works:
As normal … The PEMEX attendant ZEROS’s out the display …
First Step of the Scam:
Then, he discreetly enters a bogus-HIGH ‘pre-pumping’ Total $Peso value to pump – an operation you do not pay attention… and he starts pumping gas.
Here’s where the Second Step of the Scam enters:
Near the end of “filling your tank” … a second guy (or 3’rd guy) briefly distracts the driver … or even blocks your view of the pump-display … During that split-second the attendant clicks OFF the pump, early … For that moment, the pump BRIEFLY displays the real amount (Litros) pumped & the real $$Pesos pumped.
3’rd Step of the Scam:
They distract you yet a little more, to quickly hit a button that makes the pump display show the ORIGINAL BOGUS too-high pre-pumping Total (expected) $$ value that the attendant discreetly entered at the start of the process.
The driver then sees that pre-entered    too-HIGH    bogus $$Peso amount on the display … and coughs up the extra cash … for gas that was never pumped.

If you catch them doing this switcheroo … INSIST that they show you the amount pumped~delivered … NOT the amount pre-ordered value … The correct value is still there, in the pump’s display system … It’s just 1 screen back from that bogus-HIGH pre-selected “Total Ordered” $$Peso value.

This latest scam is about at cute  as …

Neotropical Rattlesnake 2
*        *       *       *
The key is that the attendant should NOT touch the handle while it is filling. … The pump should shut-off automatically … without the attendant touching it.  

We can try to watch both the display and the attendant during the delivery, but just like magicians and other cheats rely on Humans being easily distracted … It’s better to just note that the pump    shut*off by itself  , without any attendant touching the handle.
= = = = = = =
If you want to try to focus & watch:    The Display numbers should continuously increase, running up to the expected values – and the attendant should NOT touch the handle, until it shuts off automatically.
It’s when the attendant shuts-off the pump manually (early) … and then quickly~deftly manually scrolls the display forward to    instead   show the “Ordered Amount” … that was never actually delivered,    that they cheat us.
Happy Motoring!

*        *       *       *

Interested in the other ‘old-school’ Pemex scams?
Click here:

aka Pemex Gasoline: Issues?

*     *     *     *
Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
Steven M. Fry

Read on, MacDuff !

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11 Responses to PEMEX Guys Come Up with New Scam

  1. Jerry Moomaw says:

    But if I ask for 500 pesos, that’s what I’ll pay. Seems like the fill up method would be the scam type.

    • yucalandia says:

      If you ask for $500 pesos, they manually click the pump off at just $400 pesos … and then toggle the screen~display to show your “Pre-ordered” $500 peso amount – so you pay the $500 pesos, but only get $400 pesos of fuel.

      The key is to make sure the pump shuts off automatically – NOT artificially stopped early by the attendant clicking the pump handle ~before~ the pump delivers the full amount.

  2. Bruce McGovern says:

    They pulled that on me just south of Matehuala, a few years ago. Their distraction was maybe 8 attendants one after the other running up to offer to clean my windshield. And, what they did with the pump was exactly what you said. I was alone with my wife and chose to let the low-lifes have their few pesos. And, let them believe I was really that stupid. Not all problems are the hill to die on. But, never again will I stop there.

    I am not sure but when I pass there, it looks as if the station is closed.

    A few years later, I was talking to a gas startion attendant here in Puebla state, and he mentioned robber gas stations near Matehuala. So, they must have beenp pros.

    My advice is when there are too many attendants, drive on. Something is wrong.

    I try to buy gas from the foreign gas stations when I can.

  3. Larry Galinato says:

    What would be an example of a foreign gas station? I do not live in MX but gathering information for a future relocation.

    • Brruce McGovern says:

      Traditionally, Pemex sold all gasoline in Mexico, over the many years I have lived here. Now, though still a small percentage of all gas stations, you do see stations of some brands you would see in the USA. The only one I can remember right off is BP, British Petroleum. But, there are several brands. They told me they get their gas via their own shipping people, not from Pemex.

      Mexico sends its raw petroleum to Houston and buys back the gasoline. Premium gets its additives in Houston and only seldom does one have bad premium (unless they mix it with huachicol, or stolen gasoline.) Regular, known as Magna Sin gets its additives put in at the port of Vera Cruz, and several times a year some cars get clogged fuel pumps. My cousin told me to always buy premium and so I do.

      A few years ago, he needed gas and there was no premium so he put in regular. An hour later, after visiting friends, his car would not start until he replaced the fuel pump.

      I had a problem a few months ago. I bought gas and the next day trying to take my wife to church, it kept dying on me. I drove it home, and on Monday, bought two quart bottles of Bardahl Top Oil Total. I put in one quart and let it run on idle for four hours. No more problems. My best friend said she bet it was mixed with stolen gasoline, because premium practically never causes problems. I keep the other bottle in the car, in case…

      I realize four hours might not have been necessary, but I would rather over-do it than have to change a fuel pump. They are expensive on Toyota Siennas.

  4. Mary Ann Wentworth says:

    So I always fill my tank, “llenalo ” and pay in “efectivo” the amount on the pump display. Please explain how and if this scam could apply to me.

    • yucalandia says:

      Please re-read the description above.

      1. Even though you say “Llenalo” … instead the attendant discreetly enters a large $Peso amount as a “Pre-Ordered” amount …
      (Example: $848 pesos)

      2. The attendant manually shuts off the pump early, before the amount pumped reaches the “Pre-Ordered” amount.
      (Example: He manually clicks the handle, shuts the pump off, at just $650 pesos)

      3. The attendant then flicks the pump’s screen to show the “Pre-Ordered” amount. and you pay that “Pre-Ordered” amount.
      (Example: You just paid $848 pesos, but only got $650 pesos of gasoline)
      So… Saying “llenalo” … sets you up to be scammed.
      INSTEAD … Follow the advice written above in the article:
      The key is that the attendant should NOT touch the handle while it is filling. … The pump should shut-off automatically … without the attendant touching it.  

      Happy Motoring,

  5. pambruno says:

    Happened to me in Tulum recently. Older and wiser now. Thanks for sharing just how that jerk did it!

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