Adventures into Yucatan Plumbing & Electrical (Desafios)

December 4, 2019

For everyone who “has seen it all” …

I just returned from a very peculiar gas-leak job … where electric current was passing along the metal mesh covering on the gas hose to the stove … due to electric current leaking from the copper GAS LINE in the wall – looking for ground – running through the wire mesh covering on the rubber gas hose – getting hot … and ARC-ing .. where the metal touched metal … MELTING through two different gas hoses …

~ Electrical Short ~ Burnt Gas Hose(1)

This is what the 2 day old “new” hose looks like – from the Yucatecan plomero-electricista … “plumber-electrician”‘s installation on Monday.

~ Electrical Short ~ Burnt Gas Hose(2)… because another local Yucatecan electrician-plumber just slapped in a new metal mesh covered hose … that lasted just 2 days before burning through the rubber gas hose … again

Fortunately … they did not make the 10:00 o’clock News.
aka   … no BOOM

Repairs Part 1:     Make & install a high quality poly-hose that does NOT conduct electricity …

Repairs Part 2:     I bonded-the-shite out of all of it (gas pipe, stove & outlet) to 2 different earth grounds – using 2 fresh new copper wires. => Belt & suspenders …  AND a bungee-cord.

Disclaimer: For professionals only … Do not try this at home.

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3 Responses to Adventures into Yucatan Plumbing & Electrical (Desafios)

  1. norm says:

    Finding where the current is leaking from would be good form but then if they ran the gas line in the same chase as the power, finding the leak will be pretty hard.

    • yucalandia says:

      It’s especially challenging, because I left out a few key details in the original post …
      (a guy has to keep a little mystery) 😉

      The house’s electrical system had been RIDDLED with nasty ants … crapping up outlets, crapping up circuit boards (like up inside a high end Viking hood) … and possibly chewing through the covering on wires.

      Fortunately the voltage was quite low, and the current was quite low … which could be defeated by a few tricks.

      I still recommend disconnecting the failed corrode GFCI outlet behind the stove, and replacing the badly corroded wires supplying that outlet (the copper inside those wires is corroded completely black) – … and yes, they currently have NOTHING connected to that outlet.

      • yucalandia says:

        The bad GFCI is now gone … I pulled fresh electrical wire into the circuit (to replace the corroded mess – corroded by damp old Centro mamposteria walls) … The stainless steel stove NO LONGER shocks the tenant.

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