Time to up your COVID-19 Corona Virus Game

March 29, 2020
Have you considered   why   all our our efforts. and our authorities’ efforts are  not  working to stop the spread of COVID-19 ?

Can you imagine being able to see   the invisible aerosols   that we sneeze-out, cough &     spray while talking?

How would you act, if you saw that the person just 1.5 m away from you … was spraying 1,500   ~highly infectious~   fine aerosol droplets … floating ~ swirling invisible … circulating out … up to 30 feet … as clouds of 1 micron (um) droplets … from just 5 minutes of talking …

How would you    change your ways   if you saw those clouds of 1 um   ~highly infectious~  fine aerosols …  50 COVID-coughs worth – up to 117 COVIID-coughs were being   BREATHED IN  … with every breath   … by everyone   within 10 feet … even those wearing simple      home-made    masks …    up to 5 hours … after the infected-person left the building ?

How would you   change your ways … If you saw that those  clouds of ~highly infectious~  fine invisible floating aerosols … were STILL in the room … 3 hours later …

Floating,  swirling as each person walks by …  infectious for 3 hrs …  swirling & circulating    inside the room    for a full 3 hours …  Lurking … waiting… invisible     for people WITHOUT MASKS   to walk in,   and   breath them deep into their lungs.

Does     ” Social Distancing ”    still sound like   ‘THE Solution’ **

…  when a LOUD TALKER    who is shedding shocking amounts of Coronavirus into their throats …. in the 2 days BEFORE symptoms … peak  amounts of SARS-CoV-2 virus into their throats … in the mucous …  ON THEIR buzzing vibrating VOCAL CORDS … spewing out    up to 15,000   highly-infectious   fine aerosols

in just 5 minutes of talking…

Now … Do we see why the Coronavirus keeps spreading…. ?

because all the months of CDC  and ” As SEEN on … TV ”   Talking Head  ‘experts’ … (aka Medical doctors) … do NOT know   Aerosol Science    nor    airborne virus transmission ….

because all the months of CDC  and ” As SEEN on … TV ”   Talking Head  ‘experts’ … (aka Medical Doctors) … advice on

~ Hand Washing … Gel …  bleaching EVERYTHING…  and “Social Distancing”  … are basically TOTALLY ineffective … at stopping or protecting us     from the PRIMARY COVID-19 risks  … from    invisible aerosols   from TALKING

… moving out 30 ft … for 5 hrs … indoors…

= = = =
All the HANDWASHING in the WORLD … does not protect you     at all    from breathing in     those 1,500 – 15,000 fine    highly-infected aerosols    floating infectious, circulating around inside a room … from just 5 minutes of talking    by someone who was there   3 hrs  before you arrived…

ONLY a good mask … that blocks, stops, catches    all those 1,500 – 15,000 tiny fine TALKED aerosols … each weigh just 0.0000000000005 grams … so they do NOT fall onto counters or clothing like the big majority of coughed & sneezed droplets…

This means    just 5 minutes of TALKING    not only generates as many total droplets as an open cough ….  TALKING      generates 25X times more  of those   dangerous fine aerosols that we   breath   in     with every breath …

~  25X more highly infectious fine aerosols  …. than an open cough  … from normal volume talking ~      that linger     lurk     circulating in the room for the last 3 hours…

~ Stay well, stay informed, stay safe. ~

**Social Distancing does help protect you from the big heavy spitted droplets from messy talkers,  from coughs & sneezes ….    but     Social distancing of 1.5 meters puts you RIGHT IN THE TARGET ZONE    of the Corona virus talker’s fine highly-infectious aerosol clouds….

sneezed droplets

SO … Either stay home …**    or

Only talk with other people in slightly breezy conditions     OUTSIDE   where the fine aerosols are    quickly  blown  away … diluted out …  to harmless levels..


WEAR A GOOD MASK … with proven N-95 materials    … a mask that seals well …

to protect yourself … and others ….  from the  clouds   of highly infectious   fine aerosols    spewed by talkers…

A good mask …. Protecting you    as you walk through the grocery store …. from those   1500   fine aerosols … floating around infectious     from the previous 3 hrs of people talking in   that  area    that you just walked into…

and yes… There are   YEARS of good aerosol science    and  high quality virology work     that prove these    troubling realities:

**Coronavirus Incubation Times & Times to onset of symptoms:
March 17, 2020
Source:University of Massachusetts AmherstSummary:
A new study calculates that the median incubation period for COVID-19 is just over 5 days and that 97.5% of people who develop symptoms will do so within 11.5 days of infection.

= = = =
The Science behind the   Coronavirus Spread by Talking   Problem:
The scientific Aerosol Science results are conclusive:

“1.   The particle emission rate during speech is linearly correlated with the amplitude (loudness) of vocalization, for four different languages tested.

2. The particle size distribution is   independent   of vocalization loudness or language spoken.

3.   Some individuals (…. the mysterious  Super Spreaders  of Coronavirus …)    emit particles at a rate more than an order of magnitude larger (10 times more)  than their peers,    i.e., they behave as “speech superemitters.”


Notice GRAPH “D”
Loud talkers make 4X times more fine   high-risk   aerosols than soft talkers …    Normal volume talkers   making 2X times  more fine high-risk  aerosols   than a soft talker.

Figure 3

= = = =

 Aerosol emission and superemission during human speech increase with voice loudness

Figure 2

= = = =
The next article describes how long Corona virus lasts on surfaces, and in the air…

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, has quickly outstripped the pace of the 2003 SARS epidemic. “Superspread” of the earlier disease arose from infection during medical procedures, in which a single infected individual seeded many secondary cases. In contrast, the novel coronavirus appears to be spread more through human-to-human transmission in a variety of settings.

HOW LONG DOES THE Coronavirus hang around in our homes?
(Scientists) found that SARS-CoV-2   (in fine 1 um aerosols)   was largely stable through the full 180-minute test,    with only a slight decline at 3 hours.

The researchers then tested the viruses on a variety of surfaces for up to 7 days, using humidity values and temperatures designed to mimic “a variety of household and hospital situations.” The volumes of viral exposures that the team used were consistent with amounts found in the human upper and lower respiratory tracts.”

The novel coronavirus was most stable on plastic and stainless steel, with some virus remaining viable up to 72 hours (3 days).    However, by that time the viral load had fallen by about three orders of magnitude,

Scientists found   “the two viruses (SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2)    differed in staying power on copper and cardboard.    No viable SARS-CoV-2 was detectable on copper after 4 hours      or on cardboard after 24 hours.  … “



~ Stay well, stay informed, stay safe. ~

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5 Responses to Time to up your COVID-19 Corona Virus Game

  1. Diana MacLean says:

    This is very scary and throws the idea that only the sick and infected should wear masks!
    Another question I have been thinking about is the length of time this virus lasts on different surfaces. If what they are saying is true could we “isolate” things like groceries, clothing etc. for the appropriate time and not have to worry about handling them? Doing hand washing as recommended, of course.
    Thank you and you and yours be well💕

    • yucalandia says:

      Sure… set them aside for 2 days … no problem.

      Disinfect fruits & veg by a 10 min soaking in … 10 drops of bleach in a liter of water.

      Seriously… touching things is NOT A PROBLEM, unless you wipe the thing with your finger, and immediately insert your finger into your eye, nose or mouth.

      The real problem (95% of cases?) has been know for the last 3 months by scientists …

      The real threat is airborne floating aerosols… from talking.

      “Asymptomatic Spreaders”

      1 cough = 60 fine high risk droplets

      = = = =
      Talking aloud for 5 minutes:
      Soft talking = 750 fine aerosol droplets
      equals => 12 mouth-uncovered coughs

      Normal talking = 1500 fine aerosol droplets
      equals =>25 mouth-uncovered coughs

      LOUD talking = 6,000 fine aerosol droplets
      => 100 uncovered coughs

      AND those 750 or 1500 or 6000 fine aerosol droplets FLOAT AROUND FOR OVER 3 HOURS … HIGHLY infectious the whole 3 hrs.

      Wear a mask when inside public places… Have conversations without masks when outside, where the wind blows away your fine aerosols from talking (dilution) …

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