COVID-19 … Scientific Proofs of How to Beat COVID, Now

August 13, 2020

The latest research confirms what Aerosol Scientists have known for years … 30% to 60% leakage of the nastiest COVID fine aerosols is making Americans sick  …. poorly-fit masks leak toxic amounts of the most-infectious invisible fine aerosols from talking indoors  – even when it’s a medical–grade mask.

Fitted filtration procedures showed that surgical masks with ties are approximately 70 percent effective at filtering inhaled particles, while surgical masks with ear loops are about 40 percent effective.

Then Notice:   Throw your cloth masks away … They don’t work.
Cloth masks generally leak up to 70% –  causing us to inhale way too many of the highest-COVID risk invisible fine aerosols, especially when indoors.

The conclusions:
1. Get a good medical-grade mask of N95 quality or higher … that FITS-WELL – because even medical-grade sloppy fitting masks with gaps, leak 30% – 70% due to air gaps around the nose.

2. A well-fitting medical-grade mask can stop between 98% – 99.97% of the most infectious COVID fine aerosols, keeping our inhaled-COVID doses far below the 1000 fine aerosol Minimal Infective Dose level.

3. The slightest breeze or air movement from a fan easily blow-way – disperse-dilute the COVID fine aerosols from talking almost immediately to safe levels.. within just 3 feet, because the nastiest most-infectious COVID fine aerosols weigh just 10 femtograms to 2500 femtograms.
(1 femtogram = 1 millionth of a billionth of a gram).

This means with either a fan .. or a slight breeze … +plus 6 feet of distance, we can very safely enjoy time together slurping coffee or beer with friends… with out masks. 😉

4. It’s time to throw away all the cloth masks, now. Cloth masks require 12 – 16 layers of cloth to equal one medical grade mask – proving that cloth masks generally leak 70% = 7x times of the Minimal Infective Dose (MID) of the nastiest most-infectousl COVID fine aerosols, from people talking indoors.

= = = =

Note that the current COVID researchers are also confirming what Aerosol Scientist proved years ago, that the nastiest most-infectious COVID fine aersols from people talking, easily travel 20 ft indoors and persist highly-infectious … swiriling & circulating for over 3 hrs indoors:

Sadly, Fauci & the medical doctors have, until now, ignored the past 17 years of proven COVID research on how to stop COVID spread.

Is it finally time to ignore the “As SEEN on TV Medical Doctors” … and instead follow the proven science (like the Japanese nation) to finally beat COVID?

= = = =

Yet more proven scientific realities on how to beat COVID:

Consider these 2019 scientific proofs – research reports that Fauci & Medical doctors ignored** (see below) … that COVID is spread primarily by people talking indoors without a WELL-FITTING N-95 or better medical grade mask.

Hand-washing & disinfecting things do nothing to stop the primary mode of transmission of COVID, since touch-smear-contact does NOT transfer anywhere near the 1000 Minimal Infective Dose (MID) needed to transmit COVID.

Why? … A full COVID sneeze contains only 3000 aerosol virus particulates total … 2900 of those virus particulates (big droplets) fall to the ground within 3 ft to 6 ft. … A person would have to scoop up 2/3’rd of the whole gooey sneeze, and swab all that mucous deep into their throat to infect themselves by touching things.

Meanwhile a person talking loud emits over 6000 highly-infectious easily-inhaled fine aerosols with just 5 minutes of talking indoors without a well fitting medical grade mask. The 6000 COVID infected fine aerosols swirl & circulate for over 3 hrs indoors… easily travelling up to 20 ft.

= = = =

It’s time for science-based people to stop saying that
… “It’s not yet clear how COVID is transmitted” …

The Japanese followed the science in January, and ignored the un-scientific low-educated US Medical doctors   & the Japanese ignored the WHO “diplomat” Doctors.   Instead the Japanese wisely insisted on near universal wearing of well-fitted medical grade masks by everyone … which worked to stop COVID, with no economically harmful lockdowns.

Note that by following 3 decades of proven science – aka wearing well-fitted medical-grade masks – Japan had NO lockdown, and Japan has had low low rates of COVID hospitalizations & low low death rates … So, the Japanese economy has been doing well, by universal medical-grade mask usage.

= = = =
The final nails in the coffin for all the bad “As SEEN on TV” medical doctor experts 7 months of non-scientific bad advice:

Notice.. ” coughing may produce up to 3000 droplet nuclei (2900 large droplets > 5 um), about the same number as talking with a moderate voice for five minutes.

Cole & Cook, 1998; … Fitzgerald & Haas, 2005; Tang et al., 2006 and

Many studies have shown that people expel aerosol particles containing potentially infectious microorganisms during coughing, speaking, or breathing

Fabian et al. 2008

Morawska et al. 2009;

Stelzer-Braid et al. 2009;

Lindsley et al. 2010;

Fennelly et al. 2012

= = = =

So … Can we all, please, get back to work … Get on with our lives … by following the last 3 decades of proven science on the dominant mode of transmissions of upper respiratory viruses … including 17 yrs of SARS & COVID research.

Can we please,   ignore all the failed non-scientific advice that the   “As SEEN on TV”   medical-doctors  keep repeating?

Get a good well-fitting medical-grade mask … and    Enjoy life !

Dr. Steven Michael Fry
Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Medical Laboratory – Measurement Science, Public Health & Environment
~       ~       ~       ~

Post publication notes:
Time Magazine is now reporting the same things we have been saying since early May:

Read on MacDuff … 

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    If I fly on United Air to Houston Texas in late August will I be able to RETURN to Mexico 10 days later in August or September after being in USA? please answer.

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