Proofs of Why COVID Vaccinated People Still Need to Keep Wearing Masks & Socially Distancing

June 30, 2021

  • Top Scientists have been calling for vaccinated people to continue wearing tight-fitting medical grade masks and Socially Distancing (8ft when indoors without fans), and now, a few Medical Doctors & a few hospitals are finally realizing that all of COVID vaccinations give only partial protection – with protection gaps ranging from 12% failure rates for Pfizer, 35% for JnJ and up to 44% for Oxford-AstraZenica vaccinated patients.

    Fortunately, for both patient health & hospital personnel’s health, some medical professionals are finally realizing the continuing need for ONLY tight-fitting medical grade masks & Social Distancing … and a select few medical professionals are finally taking the long proven measures to finally stop COVID’s spread among their staff & patients:

    All of this is particularly important when we consider on-going strategies how to stay safe. As described in a previous report here, while we have decent partial-protection for 8 – 12 months after our second COVID vaccine injection … we will need additional protection – booster shots, or getting vaccinated with a different vaccine sometime after 8 – 12 months post vaccination (depending on our age – over 80? – and our personal health)… as we now have proofs of both how long & how strong our immune system protections remain for us from 1 to 8 months after vaccinations.

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Overall Conclusions:
Per the Guardian’s latest June 29 report: The highly-regarded Cambridge Hospital healthcare workers caring for Covid-19 patients were found to be at greater risk of infection than staff on non-Covid wards, even when using the previously Medical Doctor recommended changing to only tight-fitting, high efficiency medical grade masks.

In response to finding that vaccinations & ordinary masks were not adequately protecting their staff, Cambridge hospital’s infection control committee upgraded the type of masks used by staff on Covid-19 wards. Once tight fitting medical-grade FFFP3 masks were introduced, the number of cases attributed to exposure on Covid-19 wards dropped dramatically – “in fact, (the preliminary results) suggest that FFP3 respirators may have cut ward-based infection to zero” for even the Delta variant that’s currently ravaging even vaccinated British medical doctors.


Notice the kinds of masks that actually work:
Sadly … for over year, MANY local gringo ‘experts’ here in Yucatan, who have “OSHA experience” and are “OSHA experts” have been falsely claiming that masks do not work, even though Aerosol Science & Public Health Scientist experts have pointed to over 20 yrs of reports that prove they DO work to protect us at 99% levels from COVID’s invisible infectious fine aerosols from infected people talking or singing.

Note that the Cambridge Medical Doctors are finally also acknowledging that a proper tight-fitting medical grade mask (see the image above) … simple N95 – N99 masks … work 47 TIMES BETTER than their ordinary masks … which means all the cloth masks that most people wear are little more than fashion accessories … because they leak at between 45% – 70%.

Notice how the masks shown above (N95 – N99 masks that we have been recommending as NECESSARY since March 2020) typically give 99.9% protection, when paired with appropriate social distancing … while even the vaunted the Pfizer vaccine gives just 88% protection from incidental contact exposures to COVID.

Overall Conclusions:
YES … Get VACCINATED… It helps.

Vaccinations give solid-but-partial protection.

and … In spite of Medical Doctors last 18 months of factually incorrect advice:

In spite of the CDC’s ongoing (unscientific) advice that we don’t need masks when indoors … If you want to stay safe, instead follow science … follow the scientifically proven advice that works … advice that has not changed since March 2020 … everyone who is vaccinated should:

~ Keep wearing ONLY a tight-fiting medical grade masks …

~ Keep Socially Distancing of at least 8 feet when indoors
or use fans when indoors or when out of doors whene there are no breezes.

Unfortunately… Yet more of the latest scientific reports continue to expose how Medical Doctors … esp. the CDC Medical Doctors who are mistakenly telling vaccinated people that we magically do not need to wear masks when indoors … the CDC Medical Doctors, and many other unscientific Medical Doctors are (sadly broadly generally) behind the scientific facts curve … again.

which means we need to continue to rely on talented Scientists,  not Medical Doctors, for the best information on how to stay safe from COVID.

Get educated, Stay informed, Stay healthy, Stay safe,

Dr. Steven M. Fry

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Measurement Science, Public Health & Environment

Read On … MacDuff !

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7 Responses to Proofs of Why COVID Vaccinated People Still Need to Keep Wearing Masks & Socially Distancing

  1. B. Clark. says:

    Thanks for the correct advice Doctor. Spot on.b

  2. huey77blogg says:

    I am not a medical professional, however I know that life carries on. Mask wearing needs to stop because it is counter productive to the human condition. A relative of mine works in a hospital where they wore masks, visors and gowns with caps treating people with Covid-19. They still got infected and the virus couldn’t be contained in the ward designated for the purpose. Anyone vaccinated or has had the virus will be immune to the virus although they might catch it. This is based on standard medical theory. So there is no basis for restrictions with those groups. If they are restricted as you suggest we might as well all lie down and die. I live in the UK and all the vulnerable age groups have had access to experimental vaccines since they were available. Our Government has still had us all fearing the worst and under restrictions. Despite alot of deaths and adverse reactions the vaccines appear to work. Don’t condemn humanity to live in a perpetual lab experiment.

    • yucalandia says:

      Sadly … too many hospital employees wore crappy masks that did not protect them.

      If they had been properly educated, they would have known to wear at least N95 rated protection… and even N99 & N100 protection – with double masking – when dealing with COVID infected patients. …

      Ignoring the false anti-mask hype… Notice that the world’s largest study (1.2 million patients) reporting on Pfize vaccination results showed:
      ~ Up to 12% of them still got COVID.
      ~ Up to 45% of Pfizer vaccinated people with COVID, got “Serious COVID Disease”.
      ~ Up to 22% of the Pfizer vaccinated people with COVID, had to be hospitalized…

      So… rather than spreading fake rumors of “no need to wear masks, because vaccinations are ~magically perfect~ … Let’s work to educate people on how to stay safe.

      BTW… the wildly emotional
      “condemn humanity to live in a perpetual lab experiment”
      … shows how little the Far Right Wingers know, as talented, properly-educated medical personnel have been successfully using N95 to N99 masks & protective gear since the 1980’s … as a part of ordinary work life around infectious patients.
      Dr. Steven M. Fry

      • huey77blogg says:

        Thanks for your reply and I read with interest that your view of the Pfizer experimental vaccine means that people do get infected with Covid-19 after being vaccinated and almost half get a serious infection.

        BIG LIE #1:
        The news that nearly a quarter, from your figures, need hospital treatment after vaccination shocks me. I have never heard those types of figures being voiced before.
        Editor’s Note, 12% of COVID patients being admitted to some hospitals have been vaccinated …

        I would like to get your view on the covi viral spiked protein, I have read lots about the shape of the spiked protein being the biggest problem with the covid-19 infection.

        BIG LIE #2:
        Apparently it causes clumping in the blood encouraging blood clots, especially in certain places in the body. So why do some experimental vaccines push spiked proteins into the body and then wonder why people die or get thrombosis problems?

        BIG LIE #3:
        The Pfizer and Moderna ones are mRNA technology based and change our own cells into spiked proteins

        using polyethylene glycol(PEG) to get the rest into the body which has previously shown allergic reaction tendencies in studies. Why don’t they use something less likely to cause adverse reactions?

        Also in the UK we have a yellow card scheme for reporting adverse reactions to vaccines and in the US they have the VAERs scheme do you have anything like that?

      • yucalandia says:


        First Big Lie:
        ~ There is no such thing as a “spiked protein”
        … this is a Right Wing anti-vaxxer myth.

        Second Big Lie:
        The rates of blood clots have been extremely tiny after vaccinations.
        There have been just … 11 patients with blood clots … out of 100,000 vaccinated people.

        YOUR RISK OF BEING STRUCK BY LIGHTNING this year is 3 times higher …

        Third BIG Lie:
        Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do NOT change our own cells into the WACKY FAKE CLAIMS of supposed changes to spike proteins.

        Reality… Your body makes ANTIBODIES to the tiny snippets of just tiny parts of the COVID spike protein.

        So… Because Moderna contains only 11 tiny snippets of the BIG spike protein,
        … and because Pfizer cocontains only 1tiny snippets of the BIG spike protein.

        it is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS to even imagine that our body could assemble a BIG protein from being injected with tiny pieces that are less than 1% of the total SARS spike protein.

        because they are totally-unscientific BIG LIES …

      • huey77blogg says:

        I just read your reply and am incredulous at the content. Firstly you say there is no such thing as a spiked protein

        **Editors Note:
        There is no such thing as a “spiked protein” … as some RIGHT WING nightmare scary supposedly spikey protein that supposedly sticks our cells.
        … Real scientists call those SARS-Co-V-2 surface proteins as “S-Proteins” … “surface spike proteins” to differentiate them from nucleo-capsid proteins from the body of the virus.**

        Editor: Yet, when faced with the facts the nutty Right Wingers persist:

        Nutty Right Wingers reply:
        “… yet mention it numerous times later. Also are you saying that messenger RNA experimental vaccines do not enter the bodies cells and configure them to look like spiked proteins to the immune system? ”

        **Editor: HILARIOUS… We write using the actual scientific term: “Spike Protein”
        There really is no such thing as a “Spiked Protein” … except in far-Right Wing wacky world.
        Editor: RNA vaccines do NOT “configure them to look like spiked proteins to the immune system?”
        That is just more far-Right Wing kooky fake, made-up nonsense … pitiful scare mongering…
        **Editors Note:
        RNA vaccines have been used since 2010, as a vehicle to deliver tiny pieces of viral material PAYLOADS into our body, for our cells to LEARN to make antibodies to those tiny pieces of “S-protein”. **

        As the Right Wing Wackiness Continues:
        “…. You didn’t mention about your version of VAERs and the UK’s yellow card system for recording adverse reactions. It is believed that the VAERs system only contains 1% of true total of adverse reactions and 10% in the yellow card system. It might interest you to know that there are already more deaths and adverse reactions to Covid experimental vaccines than would normally be needed to stop their use. ”

        **Editors Note
        This is yet another Big Lie (große Lüge) of the far Right, wacky anti-vaxxer conspiracy … anti-science folks. … Notice that when pushed, the wacky anti*vaxxers cannot produce evidence of their bogus claims of supposed “deaths from COVID vaccines” … **

        … Have a look at the Senate Committee on State Affairs hearings in Texas may 2021. … Totally NUTTY Texas State Sen. Bob Hall in interviewing Drs and Profs on the subject, could be interesting.

        **Editors Note:
        Repeating the Big Lies of wacky anti-science anti-vaxxer … grandstanding Right Wing politicians … is not part of actually helping people stay safe from COVID.**
        …Thanks for your reply by the way.

        **Editor’s Note:
        It’s rather interesting to read the details of the wacky fake-science myths that the Far Right anti-vaxxers are passing around … as it gives us a window into just how irrational & non-factual their processes have been … So, in my Editor role, I believe there’s value in knowing what bizarre excuses anti-vaxxers are spreading – as they try to manipulate the facts to their own personal agendas,**

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