Yet Another New Mutant COVID Subvariant that Evades Our Vaccines

Jan. 26, 2023:
As of this week, the USA has a new dominant mutant COVID substrain called Omicron XBB.1.5 … yet another highly contagious strain out of South Africa.

In further COVID news: The CDC just announced that the “bi-valent” vaccines are only just a little over 33% effective against the new dominant substrain of COVID: Omicron XBB.1.5 for people over age 65.

“Based on data collected from Dec. 1 to Jan. 13, researchers found that the updated boosters cut the risk of symptomatic infection by about half for most adults, and by more than one-third for people 65 and older.”

Big Pharma’s e m-RNA booster’s &vaccines’ low levels of protection fits with earlier lab study results that had raised concerns that the bivalent m-RNA vaccines produced lower levels of virus-fighting antibodies against the XBB-related subvariants.

Since even the latest “bivalent” boosters provide only nominal protection (just 33% – 50%), and because prior COVID infections are providing insubstantial protection from the latest mutant-COVID strains, it means that people concerned about long-COVID harm and serious COVID hospitalizations & COVID deaths need to continue to wear tight-fitting N95 quality masks or use 8 ft of social distancing around strangers, especially when indoors.**

From the Washington Post:
New Variant XBB.1.5 is ‘Most Transmissible’ Yet, Could Fuel Covid Wave

= = = =

**How effective is the bivalent booster against severe outcomes from XBB.1.5?

Because the Omicron XBB.1.5 mutant subvariant is so much better at evading immunity (evading the vaccines), that even after over 5 months data there are NO DATA that show that the updated boosters protect against severe disease, hospitalization and death.

Since the XBB.1.5 subvariant moved into our populations AFTER people were vaccinated with the “bi-valent” m-RNA vaccines, then IF the new vaccines provided protection against severe COVID disease, hospitalization and death, then we should have seen evidence of even a little protection by now – 5 months later.

Because the vaccines & prior COVID infections have shown NO PROTECTION so far, it is proof that the latest mutant COVID substrains have mutated so much in the last 9 months since Big Pharma Pfizer & Moderna designed the current “bivalent” boosters, those boosters basically do not work well ~ providing only minor 33% effective protection ~ practical people need to take additional precautions.

IOW … Because the m-RNA “bi-valent” vaccines are NOT providing substantial protection from the current dominant COVID mutant substrains for people over age 65 … and just 50% protection for others …

… readers should continue to mask-up with N95 grade masks and use 8 ft of Social Distancing around strangers w/o masks, especially indoors.


* * * * * * *
Also note that over 200 COVID strains, substrains & variants have been catalogued so far,

The m-RNA Trap:
Sadly the m-RNA vaccines & boosters have the tiny-est viral payloads of any prior vaccines. … Over 200 varieties of COVID viruses point to the folly of trying to rely on vaccines … because each m-RNA vaccine can only target a few subvariants … because m-RNA vaccines have only a TINY VIRAL PAYLOAD ….

Remember that the whiz-bang m-RNA vaccines offer literally just a kiddie-sand-box pail sized payload of viral payload

… when the job actually requires a Terex Titan sized vaccine payload, to include all the current circulating variants & subvariants … meaning the m-RNA vaccines are doomed to providing only minimal- incomplete protection from all the new COVID substrains that will continue to appear:

Attentive readers may have already realized that is is yet another basic-yet-essential fact about m-RNA vaccines & boosters that neither Big Pharma, nor Biden, nor government bureaucrats like Faucci & Wallensky all neglected to report, even though some top scientists reported this, and predicted the built-in problems & likely failures from choosing to use m-RNA as the vehicle for vaccines.

For these exact reasons, (tiny viral payloads and too narrow a selection of SARS protein segments), some scientists, including top virologists, chose to also get vaccinated with broader-spectrum vaccines using the WHOLE SARS-CoV-2 virus, like Sinovac.

And yes, these facts were known & reported in March, 2020 through Dec. 2020, and again in 2021, and again in 2022, even though Faucci, Wallensky, Biden et al said nothing about these troubling realities:

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COVID Cases Spiking: Vaccines & Boosters ~ Prior COVID Infections Give Almost NO Protection from Hospitalization from the USA’s New COVID BA.5 Variant

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Previous COVID infections supposedly giving protections from Omicron exposed as a myth – anti-vaxxers hoax:

Finally, it has become clear that having a prior COVID infection IS NOT GIVING PROTECTION from Omicron infections, as people who recently had Delta infections ARE GETTING OMICRON infections, too many with NASTY lung thrombosis, hospitalized due to coughing up blood … along with other Omicron patients getting nasty brain, liver, & kidney thrombosis => which are PRIMARY CAUSES of COVID deaths.

So … The whole set of some people’s claims that somehow “COVID ~magically~ might not kill people“, continues to be exposed as a big anti-vaxxer’s, anti-COVID hoax … along with unvaccinated people being the vast majorities of serious injury, hospitalizations and deaths.

Keep wearing tight-fitting medical grade masks & Socially Distancing by 8 ft when masks are off for eating & drinking indoors.

Stay informed … Stay healthy … Stay safe …

Dr. Steven M. Fry
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Public Health, & Laboratory Measurement Science.

Read-on, MacDuff …

Read On … MacDuff !

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1 Response to Yet Another New Mutant COVID Subvariant that Evades Our Vaccines

  1. Steven M Fry says:

    Editor’s Note:
    I have hesitated to personally comment on the latest COVID news, because all of the last 3 months of preliminary results on Big Pharma’s “bivalent” boosters have looked so depressingly, disappointly ineffective, and even the Big Pharma m-RNA vaccines of all of 2022 were just not working well to stop COVID transmissions, especially compared to all of Big Pharma’s early hype of ~ “95% Efficacies!” ~ back in 2020.

    Sadly, the CDC just published the latest findings on the current mutant COVID subvariants, and the news is not encouraging.

    See above:

    Medical doctors … and talking head AS SEEN ON TV “experts” … and some CDC-FDA bureaucrats … are trying hard to put lots of positive spin on the results … but seriously, when the vaccines & boosters are just 33% effective on people over age 65, they are clearly not working as promised.

    Remember back when Biden, Faucci & Wallensky were trumpeting 95% Efficacy !!!

    Notice how quiet they are now … with vaccine efficacies down at a paltry 33% …

    Which shows how much we should trust Faucci, the CDC, the FDA, and Biden. => Not.

    It’s time for the US public to push Biden aside on key issues …. and to STOP listening to him and his cadre (cabal) of really inept advisors.

    They purposely ignored what top epidemiologists and top virologists were saying the past 3 years about the govt strategy of pushing just vaccines …. All eggs in just one leaky – broken basket was clearly very risky … because we KNOW that upper respiratory viruses … aka cold viruses … are notorious for mutating rapidly … faster than our bodies can adapt … and far faster than Big Pharma can design & produce new vaccines.

    Seriously, Biden, Faucci, Wallensky et al sold us down the river … with their past 3 years of consistently short-sighted, not-factual, egotistical, personal-opinion based, unscientific, failed approaches of selling everyone on their personal opinions of:

    Just disinfect EVERYTHING” …

    then ” Just wash your hands

    … then “Sanitize your hands, even 10 times a day

    then “Just wear a cloth mask.

    … then “Just get vaccinated” …

    as a literal 3 yr long tragic-comedy of errors.

    Seriously, science says we have over 900,000 unnecessary dead Americans, and another 16 million Americans unnecessarily suffering permanent disabilities from long COVID due to the government’s unscientific egotistical personal-opinion based approaches.

    and yes … That’s why I have hesitated to write much that promotes vaccines & boosters as a supposedly effective solution …because the last full 14 months of scientific data have said the opposite.

    Sorry to bear such bad news,
    Dr. Steven M. Fry
    Ph.D. in Chemistry, Public Health, & Laboratory Measurement Science

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