BEAT COVID NOW with Proven Solutions … aka COVID Keeps Spreading Because We Are Still Doing the Wrong Things

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January 5, 2021

Think about why 26 million New Zealanders & Taiwanese people have only 32 COVID deaths, while the USA, Mexico, & Canada have worst-in-the-World over 500,000 COVID deaths … of which, 425,000 of them died unnecessarily (per the head of Harvard Medical School).

Why have we unnecessarily killed 425,000 North Americans?

Basically, it’s because the USA, Mexico & Canada chose to follow 12 months of non-scientist “AS SEEN ON TV” Medical Doctor’s very wrong, very dangerous, ineffective advice … In contrast, a few top scientists were writing last March, 2020 that “Wash Your Hands”, “Disinfect Everything”, and “Socially Distance 6 Feet” do NOT work … The Medical Doctors ignored 20 yrs of COVID-Science, arrogantly ignored 17 yrs of SARS-Science, and ignored 40 yrs. of Aerosol Science reports.

While New Zealand & Taiwan Medical Doctors followed top scientist’s advice, instead, sadly, “AS SEEN ON TV” USA Medical Doctors (like Dr. Faucci et al) imagined that their unscientific personal-opinion based advice, would somehow magically stop COVID’s airborne transmission from our inhaling invisible fine aersols from people talking, especially indoors.

Then, 7 months too late, (and continuing now), the non-scientist Medical Doctors continued to ignore 20 yrs of COVID Science, SARS Science & Aerosol Science reports, by telling us to wear ..”cloth masks” and “face-coverings” … even though it has been proven for years that 70% leaky cloth masks leak far too many highly-infectious COVID invisible fine aerosols – meaning the 100’s of millions of USA, Mexico & Canada cloth mask wearers … are still spreading COVID.

Solving the COVID problem requires us to blend & follow the scientific results of 4 different areas: Virology of Upper Respiratory Viruses, proven Public Health programs, Medical treatments, and the 40 yrs of Aerosol Science of how to stop highly infectious COVID fine aerosols that are emitted by people talking… especially indoors.

This means that Medical Doctors (like Faucci of CDC et al), and even some virologists & epidemiologits have continued to ignore the key BIG current issues of our mistakes …. because their l’st 12 months of their mistakes are what’s spreading COVID now:

Use TIGHT-fitting Medical Grade Masks ONLY !
1. ~ Cloth masks need to go into the trash ~ … TODAY !

Cloth masks generally leak 70% – because it takes 16 LAYERS of cotton cloth to equal just ONE medical grade mask …

Group Doctors Face Masks Looking Camera : Foto de stock (editar ahora)  1641184876

70% leakage by cloth masks – causes wearers to inhale way too many highly-infectious invisible COVID fine aerosols … 70% leakage of crap cloth masks is a huge part of 500,000 unnecessary dead Americans & Mexican … 70% leakage is causing 23 million people still getting COVID here, because their cloth masks are guaranteed to fail when we need them most. (and Yes, Virginia, “facecoverings”, gators, kerchiefs are totally bogus, offering no protection. )

2. ~ The Medical Doctor’s opinion of their “6 ft rule” has always been unscientific & wrong. It takes 8 ft to 10 ft +plus effective fresh air movement, to protect people when masks are off to eat or drink. The non-scientific Medical Doctor’s personal guesses of a “6 ft Rule” was based on magical Medical Doctor’s magical unscientific unrealistic imaginings that the invisible COVID fine aerosols magically move out in all directions simultaneously, to make a uniformly infectious cloud around the talker.

This Medical Doctors’ magical idea has always been completely wrong. Simple scientific calculations, AND 40 years of measurements by Aerosol Scientists on these fine aerosols … prove the aerosols move out in plumes, just like plumes of cigarette smoke … like tongues of vapor … often going out 8 ft in JUST ONE direction … at still highly-infectious concentrations.

PROVEN REALITY: Somewhere between 8 – 10 ft, the infectious fine aerosols disperse to safe levels, UNLESS there is a flow of fresh air – from a fan or a breeze that disperses the invisible highly-infectious fine COVED aerosols to safe levels.

Overall, this means we are still having huge problems of narrow specialists NOT KNOWING, not learning the key critical facts from the multi-disciplinarians … Unfortunately, it takes a good scientist to read over 20 yrs of scientific reports from 4 fields (over 90 research reports) . It basically requires blending the knowledge, experience & details of a good virologist, a good Public Health expert, a good Medical Doctor, AND a good Aerososol Scientist.

Image result for pogo we have met the enemy poster

How can an ordinary reader possibly plow through over 90 key research reports and then assemble the key disparate facts from 4 different disciplines? … Fortunately, you don’t have to … This task was done … and published … last March, 2020:


Read this good technical article** from last March – based on over 90 research reports from all four critical areas – to read what we should have been doing… and what we should be doing … now… Because it explains why we have needlessly killed over 300,000 Americans (per the Heads of both Harvard & Brown Universities Medical Schools) and killed over 100,000 Mexicans … by doing unscientific things for the last 12 straight months.

= = = = = =
Sidelight… Since we’re getting some online FB group blowback from people who insist that their cloth masks magically work great, consider the … 13X HIGHER viral infection risks from wearing cloth masks … is super-troubling:

” The rates of all infection outcomes were highest in the cloth mask arm, with the rate of ILI statistically significantly higher in the cloth mask arm … Relative Risk (RR)=13.00, compared with the medical mask arm. “

Because of the 13X higher infection-rate risks :
“This study is the first RCT of cloth masks, and the results caution against the use of cloth masks. This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety. Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. “

= = = = = =

Then … We suggest that readers check-out the latest information on COVID Vaccines & How to Prove your Vaccine Worked:

Pneumonia vaccine: How often and when to seek help

= = = =
Sadly … ONLY Taiwan & New Zealand have followed Science since last January … blessing themselves with just 32 COVID deaths, out of 26 million citizens.

We can change … and BEAT COVID NOW ….
by finally making the small changes of wearing only tight-fitting medical grade masks … 8 – 10 ft Social distances … or fans, breezes moving in fresh clean air past our faces .

or … We can continue to suffer, by following the very wrong … 12 months of failed personal advice … of non-scientist Medical Doctors.

Finally, notice that vaccines will likely not be available to most of us, until next Summer, so, it’s time to choose: Keep doing the failed-unscientific Medical Doctor’s proven-failed-approaches … or … Wear only a tight-fitting medical grade mask (N95 or KN95) and Socially Distance by 8 ft to 10 ft, with fresh air movement when eating or drinking without a mask.

and … After you get your COVID vaccination, consider getting an inexpensive fast COVIOD antibody lab test, 2 wks later, to prove you have good levels of the protective antibodies.

Stay safe out there…
Dr. Steven M. Fry
Ph.D. in Measurement & Laboratory Science, Chemistry, Public Health, and Aerosol Science

Feel free to copy this information, with attributions to

Read on, MacDuff …

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6 Responses to BEAT COVID NOW with Proven Solutions … aka COVID Keeps Spreading Because We Are Still Doing the Wrong Things

  1. Y. Tsukuda says:

    Not too many viruses of others enter into your body directly. Your first point of the “wrongs” seems to have more sense. I think their mistake is having promoted “mask and distance” more than “wash your hands” which keep reducing the risk of touching something contaminated*** … and then your eyes or food after you come back home.

    **Scientific Editor’s Note:
    This claim has been proven factually wrong since March 2020.

    This website does not support bogus claims that mislead people and cause our readers harm. … “Washing hands” and “disinfecting things” are proven to do nothing to stop how COVID is transmitted …. Science has proven that COVID is only transmitted by people inhaling the airborne invisible fine aerosols from COVID-sick people.

    12 months of the best research has shown that there has ont been even 1 single proven case of COVID transmission by touching things.

  2. Walt says:

    Are you still selling your medical grade masks made in Yucatan?

    • yucalandia says:

      Thank you for your kind inquiry.

      Due to the recent months of wide availability of good quality KN95 & N95 medical grade masks, Talking Aerosols declared:

      Mission Accomplished !

      …and has closed-up shop, because we met our goals.

      With your help, Talking Aerosols put superb donated washable-reuseable 40 times … medical grade masks to outfit all personnel in 3 hospitals, 2 nursing homes, roughly 30 Public Health Clinics (DIF) and 2 homeless shelters.

      Overall we donated more than 11,500 masks to doctors, nurses, nursing home staff, and homeless people in Mexico and the USA (Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, NY, California, Oklahoma, Washington, New Mexico and Arizona) – and we took the profits from selling 9,000 masks to fund the over 11,500 donated washable medical grade masks …

      We are also grateful for the over $4,000 USD in cash donations, and every penny was passed along to the neediest all-charity elder care-homes & Mexico’s poorest “parachute” people (outside of south Periferico).

      Dr. Steve

      We are grateful to each and every one of our supporters! Stay safe!

      –Dr. Steven Fry & crew

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