Latest COVID Vaccine Information for the Yucatan & Mexico

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January 6, 2021

Death Toll Increasing After Getting the Pfizer – BioNTech Vaccine
Readers should be aware of three deaths in just the last few days, all after getting the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

~ One shocking death in Portugal, Jan 1 … likely due to a reaction to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

… “(The nurse-patient) had only complained about ‘normal’ discomfort in the area where she was jabbed but was otherwise fine.” … until she died. … Injected Dec 30, dead by Jan 1.

~ 2 deaths in Norway by elderlies who got the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
“… Norway is investigating the death of two nursing home residents who died after receiving doses of the Pfizer – BioNTech coronavirus vaccine.”Plus:1 death in Portugal, from the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine…. all happened after getting the Pfizer vaccine.

One Severe Encephalomyelitis Life Threatening Reaction to the Pfizer Vaccine in Mexico:
Coahila, Mexico: Dec. 30
There was a shocking severe adverse reaction to the Pfizer vaccine here in Mexico. … A young 32 yr old IMSS physician now has nasty Encephalomyelitis (inflammation-swelling of the brain and spinal cord).

This young physician previously had at least one allergic reaction to a different past vaccination. … She was injected Dec. 30, at 9:30 AM … 20 minutes later her tongue & lips swelled dramatically, plus a rash on her neck & chest.

The doctors treated the allergic reactions, and she returned to her job. Yet, at 11:30, she suffered convulsions & seizures … She lost muscle strength in her arms & legs.

She is now conscious, and “recovering” … with no more convulsions – left with a formal diagnosis of Encephalomyelitis. … It should be noted that her family also has a history of allergies to antibiotics.

January 4, 2021
One Scientific view of COVID vaccines:

… To jab, or not to jab …

That’s the question … especially if you only have the Sino Vaccine (aka Coronavac) or the Sputnik 5 Vaccine available.

Pneumonia vaccine: How often and when to seek help

Because there are no dry-ice manufacturers here in Yucatan to make dry ice, to protect the fragile Pfizer vaccine when it’s out at the dispenseries … we likely will have NONE of the top 3 vaccines here, for months available for ordinary people … until Moderna delivers a 300,000 or so doses here in the Yucatan Peninsula … (because Yucatan’s relatively low rates** of new COVID infections is so much lower than other parts of Mexico who are suffering much worse).

If the Sino Vaccine (aka Coronavac) … or if the Sputnik 5 vaccine … or if the CanSino vaccines are the only ones available here…. and if you get one of the 5 different Chinese vaccines or the Sputnik Vaccine (or any COVID vaccine**),

… Then … Go get blood tested for anti-COVID ANTIBODIES at a local lab … 2 weeks after the last Vaccine injection.

**Yes, since the other vaccines are just 95% effective, HOW do you know you are protected, by the Pfizer, Moderna or Oxford vaccine? … Get an inexpensive COVID antibody test 2 weeks after your last injection.

IF your scientific lab-test serum antibody test results prove you have a high levels of serum COVID-antibodies, then YOU’RE PROTECTED. 😉

This is a scientifically-proven reliable approach because … our bodies’ responses to the COVID Vaccines have been to produce 10X to 100X higher antibody levels, than the antibody levels from “natural” COVID infections.

Sidelight: Why are there concerns about the Sino Vaccine & the Sputnik 5 Vacccine?

and then … There are all the different Chinese manufactured vaccines:

There are no less than 5 different Chinese COVID vaccines in Phase 3 trials, with Sinovac corp’s “Sino Vaccine – Sino Vac” getting the most press.

The Beijing-based Sinovac corp is behind the CoronaVac, an inactivated-SARS-virus vaccine. … The “Sino Vaccine” aka “CoronaVac” is not the “CanSino Vaccine”.
The Sino Vaccine, aka Coronavac, has been undergoing phase three trials in Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey, & Peru.

Questions still arise, because interim data from a late-stage Coronavac trials in Turkey showed that the vaccine was 91.25% effective.

Meanwhile Brazilian researchers report the Sinovac vaccine was just over 50% effective – but withheld full results,

In other words… We still have questions about transparency from Brazil, Peru and China.

God Bless the Chinese…

Then there’s the “CanSino vaccine”, made by Cansino Biologics. The CanSino vaccine is reportedly in phase three clinical trials in several countries, including Saudi Arabia.

= = = =
Next consider how Sinopharm, a Chinese state-owned company, is developing TWO COVID vaccines, which, like Sinovac are also inactivated Coronavirus based vaccines

Sinopharm announced on 30 December that phase three trials of the vaccine showed that it was 79% effective – lower than that of Pfizer and Moderna… while the United Arab Emirates, which approved a Sinopharm vaccine earlier this month, said the vaccine was 86% effective, according to interim results of its phase three trial. Lots of different reports using the same data ???  

= = = =
Finally, there is yet another Chinese made vaccine made by Anhui Zhifei Longcom. This vaccine uses a purified piece of the virus to trigger an immune response, …. and has also recently entered phase three trials.

= = = =
Local context:
Notice that no other news sources seem to be reporting this important helpful scientifically proven information … including the biggest Expats in Yucatan FB groups who block this vital medical advice, because of the mods starting personal feuds. 😦

Different priorities ? ? ?

Dr. Steven M. Fry
Ph.D. in Measurement & Laboratory Science, Chemistry, Public Health, and Aerosol Science

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4 Responses to Latest COVID Vaccine Information for the Yucatan & Mexico

  1. Pearl Mosher-Ashley says:

    Thank you for this important and practical information.


  2. gallery wenzl says:

    Hi Stephen, good vaccine report, many thanks David

    There’s a recent virologist report in the Guardian…

    “Covid is everywhere and travel bans aren’t effective. The key is mask, distance, avoid crowds and enclosed spaces.
    google virologist guardian rasmussen travel ban

    Keep well

    saludos cordiales David

    • yucalandia says:

      The Guardian’s virologist ignored a few key BIG current issues in our mistakes of what’s spreading COVID:

      TIGHT-fitting Medical Grade Masks ONLY !
      1. ~ Cloth masks need to go into the trash … TODAY !

      Cloth masks generally leak 70% – because it takes 16 LAYERS of cotton cloth to equal just ONE medical grade mask …

      70% leakage by cloth masks – causing wearers to inhale way to many highly infectious invisible COVID fine aerosols … 70% leakage of crap cloth masks is a huge part of 100,000’s of people still getting COVID, because their cloth masks are guaranteed to fail when neeeded most.

      2. ~ The Medical Doctor’s “6 ft rule” has always been wrong. 8 ft to 10 ft +plus effective fresh air movement, is needed to protect people when masks are off to eat or drink. The non-scientific “6 ft Rule” is based on magical Medical Doctor’s magical unscientific unrealistic imagination that the invisible COVID fine aerosols move out in all directions simultaneously, to make a uniform infectious cloud around the talker.

      This Medical Doctors’ magical idea is completely wrong, always has been. Simple scientific calculations, AND 40 years of measurements by Aerosol Scientists on these fine aerosols prove the aerosols move out in plumes, just like plumes of cigarette smoke … like tongues of vapor … often going out 8 ft in JUST ONE direction … at still highly infecitous concentrations … Somewhere between 8 – 10 ft, the infectious fine aerosols disperse to safe levels, UNLESS there is a flow of fresh air – from a fan or a breeze.

      So … We still have huge problems of narrow specialists NOT KNOWING, not learning, the key critical facts from the multi-disciplinarians … which means it reading 20 yrs of literature from 4 fields …. Requiring blending the knowledge & details of a good virologist, a good Public Health expert, a good Medical Doctor, AND a good Aerososol Scientist.

      Read this good technical article** from last March – based on over 90 research reports from all four critical areas – to read what we should have been doing… and what we should be doing … now… Because it explains why we have needlessly killed over 300,000 Americans (per the Heads of both Harvard & Brown Universities Medical Schools) by doing unscientific things for the last 12 straight months.

      Sadly … ONLY Taiwan & New Zealand have followed Science since last January … blessing themselves with just 32 COVID deaths, out of 26 million citizens.

      We can change … making the small changes of wearing only tight-fitting medical grade masks … 8 – 10 ft Social distances … or fans, breezes moving in fresh air.

      or … We can continue to suffer, by following the very wrong advice of non-scientist Medical Doctors,

      Dr. Steven M. Fry
      Ph.D. in Measurement & Laboratory Science, Chemistry, Public Health, and Aerosol Science

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