A Tale of Three Families: Dengue in Cuba and Mexico

Time for action?
2.5 billion people – two fifths of the world’s population – are now at risk from Dengue every year.
WHO Dengue Fact Sheet

Dengue infections in Merida and the Yucatan beach areas are 4X higher so far in 2010 – present at a rate that may result in over 120,000 new Dengue Virus infections in Yucatan in 2010. Potentially Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever rates are now more than 50% of confirmed Dengue cases in Yucatan, and across Mexico.
A Tale of Three Families
The Amon’s, the Harrison’s, and the Solis’s
Picture a slave ship, 300 years ago, crossing the Atlantic to deliver a load of slaves to Cuba . . . (cont).

Aedes aegypti (A.ae.) mosquitoes.

Amon Family Picture Album (Aedes aegypti):

Aedes Family Tree

Amon Family Tree.
Great-Grandma ‘Bastet”.

Old Colonial Amon Family Portraits =>
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Full article can be read at:
A Tale of Three Families: Dengue in Cuba and Mexico
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